Energy Medicine (A Souls Journey)

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Following on from my last blog; “Illness is a learned behavior”; where I discussed how the body was just a mass of vibrating molecules forming MATTER, which we call the human body; that cannot be destroyed; it can be transformed but not destroyed.

Protons, Neutrons & Electrons, spinning at a certain viscosity to give the body shape and form; the same is also applied to all living and inanimate objects.
Everything in this physical world of matter is not solid; even inanimate Matter is not solid; a rock is made of atoms; Protons, Neutrons & Electrons and spins at a frequency that gives it its texture, every rock has its own unique texture.
Now the difference between animate and inanimate object is an animate object has an electromagnetic field around it; where the inanimate object has not. Every living thing has an electromagnetic field around it that is part of its survival mechanism and is the invisible barrier between it (the living organism) and the outer world around it. It is part of the spiritual being that permeates in and around the physical body; in living plants and animals it is the intelligent life force that gives it life; the same life force that permeates all living things and does not discriminate. We call it our Aura; it is real; and it can extend beyond the body as much as a meter or more; it exists to protects us from a lot of electromagnet interferences and normal background radiation; it is also our invisible shield that protects us from weather conditions; atmospheric pressure changes.

When a person is weak and run down our electromagnets field is weakened and can allow the body to develop all sorts of symptoms and ailments that affect the person in question. There has been Aura cameras around for many year now, but when I first started out they were unheard of; now you can get an Aura reading that can tell you the state of your well-being; both spiritually and physically. I have been blessed with the ability to see and feel these Aura’s which makes it a lot easier for me when diagnosing and treating illness; auras also have a multitude of colors.

This blog is about Energy Medicine: I am giving you an insight into how things work so you get an idea of how you can fix problems or avoid things that are causing unknown grief in your live. I have dealt with the unseen energies for many years now; they exist; just like ratio waves and TV signals that are unseen but exist.
Electromagnetic radiation is a modern-day environmental disaster; it weakens our aura (electromagnetic field) we are bombarded with this radiation from many different areas; some of them from simple household items, and others from industry. Of course Industry is in denial about a lot of this because it is so imbedded in our everyday lives that it would cost a fortune in law suits and job loss if it were proven not safe; they pay experts to put out papers in their favor.
Let me state some facts; it is well documented for over 30 years that I have been interested in the subject; overhead power lines cause a certain type of cancer & deformity in farm animals; I saw a video in 1983 were a high voltage power line went through a big dairy producing area; there were calves born with 2 beads; deformities on many farms where there were none before the power lines went through. Now we have microwave dishes putting out microwaves which are harmful; Germany have been the for-runners in the research and study of this subject for more than 35+ years that I am aware of; and they acknowledge that this kind of radiation affects our health. A study of linesmen who work on these big power lines have a greater amount of brain tumors than any other profession; but the electricity companies are not going to admit to these events. A personal friend of mine I have known for over 35 years developed stomach cancer from living under a high voltage power line; it took 8 years for him to develop cancer. When I visited him once I walked out onto his balcony and put up my open hands towards these power lines and I could feel the pulsating vibration through my hands.
Now there may be a few things that you are not aware of that can affect your electromagnetic field and I shall give them to you now.
Electric blankets; leaving them switched on all night is a disaster; use them to warm up the bed and then switch them off at the wall, not next to the bed. The effect that an electric blanket has; it will drain your energy and put your whole bodies healing mechanism into chaos. Try switching off your blanket and see how much more energy you have the next day compared to when it was on.
Next, water beds, I am not sure just how many there are around these days but in the 1980’s and 1990’s they were popular; however they are another cancer machine along with the electric blankets; the heaters that heat the water are the problem. Any electrical appliance should not be next to your head area; clocks, lamps, ETC. High voltage overhead power lines; you should be at least 1-2km away from them; if you are near one move or you are compromising your long-term health and your family. Microwave dishes for mobile phone signals; same as high voltage power lines; stay as far away from them as possible. Another thing is meter boxes!!! Where is your house (power) meter box situated? If it is near your bed head; move your bed as far away from it as possible and you will notice you will sleep better and you will not be so tied when you wake up in the morning. All this I have learned from personal experience and seen the difference in thousands of my patients lives. I had a patient who had a take-a-way shop in a mall; he could not spend a lot of time there as he became unwell; the same applied to keeping staff; they were always sick. I asked him where the electricity meters were and he informed me that the shopping mall meters were on the outside wall of his shop where they were cooking!!! He was very sensitive to electromagnetic radiation; so he finished up selling his shop and his health returned to normal.
Mobile phones; well this is a great debacle isn’t it; you have research coming out to say they are dangerous; and we have counter arguments to say they are not certain, there is no proof; (from the mobile companies). How much money is tied up in the communications business??? They are going to defend their position very aggressively? One thing is for sure; the amount of time that one holds a phone up to their ear will govern the damage that occurs on a long-term basis. Not many people now days use the old type of phone where you clipped it on your belt or in our hip pockets; not a good area to get e-radiated!!! No one really knows about these latest modern i Phones or Tablets but I dare say we will find out in the future; there are some “neutralizers” that you can buy that you wear to cut the radiation effect of these devises. PC monitors and TV screens are more radiation friendly now than they were; but I still have to have a break from my PC to clear my head from radiation interference.
When I was practicing energy medicine; along with another colleague of mine we built area neutralizers to protect a given space for unwanted radiation; I am not sure whether there are such devices on the market these days; I can hear you young people say “just Google it” to find out!!! Well I will!!! “I goggled and found to my amazement that the field of energy medicine has come a long way since I first started”; how effective these devices that are on the market these days I am not sure; but it would not hurt to find out. We had our secrets about how to make these devices work effectively and I doubt whether anyone would be using our methods today; because my partner has since died and I have not been involved in this industry for many years.

So unseen frequencies can influence our well-being in a positive way as well as having a negative impact on our health. When researching this subject years ago I was particularly interested in the frequencies of cancer and treating cancer patients with these frequencies as I seemed to be sent many cancer patients. There was a machine built in 1939 called a “RIFE” machine built by a Dr. Rife in the US that was used to treat cancer very successfully; (with frequencies); however the inventor had his life threatened several times and was discredited by the medical profession and still is today because it goes against the medical professions idea about treating symptoms and not the cause and their lack of knowledge of just who we are and how we fit together on an energetic level. I looked up on the internet and there is still machines built today using the RIFE frequency idea; however I have found out through experience that the machine is only a catalyst and the practitioner who is using it must also put their intuition into how to effect a healing. There is always a spiritual connection between the patient and the practitioner; (we are all connected on some level) and a real healing takes place beyond the machines capabilities using the practitioner higher self as a vehicle to heal on several levels.
I studies acupuncture during my clinic days and had great success with it in certain patients; however in some patients it did not work as successfully as others; patients who were open-minded about the treatment got great results; were as patients who were very skeptical did not; the mind is a very powerful energy blocker.

Acupuncture is based on a transport system; that transports energy around our body in a highly organized way; you do not have energy flying around your body hoping it gets to where it is supposed to go; it is highly organized. Pain is just blocked energy; we use needles like you would when jump starting your car that has a flat battery; needles are placed in particular energy points to stimulate those transport channels and redirect energy to areas where it is needed for a healing; or unblocking energy;(pain) pretty much common sense really.
We have a circulatory system, a digestive system; a lymphatic system; and an invisible energy transport system that can be located with sensitive instruments to prove it exists; you just need a very proficient practitioner to use that system. There are acupuncturists and acupuncturists; the same as you have GP doctors and you have specialists; if one does not give you results do not give up there; seek out someone else; the system did not fail, the driver did!
Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years; when I first went to China in 1996 I sort out Chinese medicine to the horror of my guide; who was Chinese but used western medicine. In China they operate in some cases with a patient fully conscious with acupuncture needles in them to deaden the pain; the patient recovers very quickly not having to get revived from being sedated with toxic chemicals.
When I started this blog I did not really know where it was going to take me; I have had a lot of experiences I can call on to write about; so I just went with the flow; what I have explained to you can be substantiated by science and medical research; however I feel it has not gone far enough in explaining the hidden unseen energy that drives all living things; our spiritual being; the unseen world of infinite intelligence; where all things are created and true healing takes place. Understanding how everything is put together has been a life long journey of mine and is very rewarding to be able to write about my understanding of who we are and what our purpose is here on this planet earth. Let me leave you with this thought; if your state of consciousness right now was to last for eternity would you be in heaven or hell? Are you at peace with yourself and the world around you? Or do you still have unfinished business? I believe that we have to get it right while we are still alive; not die to get it right; we will keep coming back till we do get it right while in this physical body!!! So whatever it is you feel you need to do; get going quickly because time is not on your side; it is speeding up; everything is speeding up. My next blog will give you an insight into spiritual healing; explain how you mind travel and do not even realize it; and my version of who we really are. (I do not belong to any religious group; however I have an open mind about all spiritual groups); please feel free to comment on any aspect of this blog; till then I hope you are having a joyful and happy life; LOL Murray
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My life's experiences has been wide and varied; from farming in my early years; to running my own businesses for about 40+ years which covers a variety of occupations; from real-estate, mining, stock market trader and for the last 30+ years i have been running a healing business; in clinical practice for 15 years, and personal develop facilitator for 10 years. I have always been interested in natural remedies and my mother always used natural remedies where possible. My healing adventure started when i was 40 years old; I first studied as a Naturopath; then a ream of other modalities; it was like visiting a healing supermarket when venturing into my clinic. I try to live life to the fullest and looking forward to my later years with a sense of adventure; heading into the great unknown with excitement not trepidation. I hope my writings will connect me with like-minded people where we can be of mutual help to one another. Please feel free to add any comments or if you would like to contact me personally please feel free to e-mail me at the address below. Have a wonderful life and i hope it is filled with JOY and happiness; LOL Murray.

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