Why Do We Dream? (A Souls Journey)

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Why Do We Dream?
Great question which will get you many answers from all corners of the globe.

Dreams have been the subject of research for many years; from scientific studies to esoterical explanations for the reason we dream. A lot of the research that has been done concentrates on what the brain is doing and how active it is at certain vibratory rates etc. There is also many people who have studied dreams and have an art of deciphering the meaning of dreams, the interpretation of a dream is from their experiences. My x-wife has had several dreams that came true about relatives and friends; it is a fascinating subject.

Now here is my take on it: once again from my own experiences: I have mentioned in many blogs about resistance and how we resist our feelings; especially the negative ones that make us feel bad. (If you are not familiar with my explanation on resistance then I suggest you read some of my blogs that cover the subject in detail).
During the daytime we are confronted with all sorts of situations that we push aside and either make a decision to deal with it later; or just hope it goes away. We constantly live in our mind thinking during our working day or when we are having time out; we still find ourselves contemplating things; going over our day or week or where we are heading with our life or career etc. We never seem to get out of our head, thinking. Now when we go to sleep; the mind is at rest and the unconscious mind takes over; NO RESISTANCE; this allows the feeling part of our consciousness to start expressing itself. The subconscious mind has no resistance to stop feelings from arising; both good and bad feelings. These feelings are played out in the form of pictures which we call dreams; which can vary in clarity and intensity. A strong dream with high intensity we call a night mare if it is negative; and of course it can work in the same way if the dream is a loving uplifting dream. Either way when we awaken from either of these experiences of high intensity the residue is still with us sometimes for days later; they seemed so real. So what we think we are avoiding in the waking state it can catch up with us in the dream state. Now it has nothing to do with what you see visually in the dream; but how it makes you FEEL that matters. You can have a ridicules dream that seems like it has no meaning what so ever, or you can not relate to any aspect of what it presented to you; but the important thing is how you FEEL about what happened that matters.
A true story about one of my clients who was experiencing a re-occurring night mare. A woman called me one day and asked me if I could help her; she was experiencing a night mare that would not go away. I have never physically me this woman; she was referred to me by one of my clients; we worked over the phone; and this was her story before we commenced to work on her problem.
She had been in an abusive relationship for many years and divorced that person; now she was in another relationship engaged to be married; in both cases she experienced the same night mare. I asked her if she could make herself comfortable and not be disturbed for about an hour; I also asked her if she was willing to revisit the night mare; she agreed. I asked her to close her eyes and go back to the scene of the night mare; I told her i did not want to know a things about what the night mare involved; just what she was experiencing in the way of FEELINGS that arose from the scene she was looking at. After a considerable time SHE finally found the (main resisted feeling); it turned out to be “helplessness”. She felt helpless in this new relationship; the same as the first one that treated her badly; she felt trapped to do anything about it; (Emotional abuse is just as destructive as physical abuse). This new relationship she had attracted the same kind of person into her life; remember “like attracts like”; she attracted her greatest fear; this was unconsciously of course.
It was not long after the work we did over the phone that she left that person; she got her power back and realized after looking back on her life how she was affected by this resisted feeling of HELPLESSNESS; just what it had stopped her from doing and achieving in her life. Last time I heard from her she was doing really well and starting to explore all sorts of possibilities.
There is an interesting thing about helplessness; I have discover through my work that people who resist helplessness generally do it in a grand fashion and it is normally created as a child from a near death experience; like nearly drowning. Feeling helpless is the worst experience one could ever have; like jumping out of a plane without a parachute; there is nothing whatsoever you can do about the predicament. Same as drowning; suffocating; having a gun pointed at your head, etc. People who resist this feeling encounters these experiences; I can guarantee that.

Well once again I hope you liked my blog as much as I have writing about it; please any feedback is most welcome. Hope you all are having a great day; LOL Murray


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My life's experiences has been wide and varied; from farming in my early years; to running my own businesses for about 40+ years which covers a variety of occupations; from real-estate, mining, stock market trader and for the last 30+ years i have been running a healing business; in clinical practice for 15 years, and personal develop facilitator for 10 years. I have always been interested in natural remedies and my mother always used natural remedies where possible. My healing adventure started when i was 40 years old; I first studied as a Naturopath; then a ream of other modalities; it was like visiting a healing supermarket when venturing into my clinic. I try to live life to the fullest and looking forward to my later years with a sense of adventure; heading into the great unknown with excitement not trepidation. I hope my writings will connect me with like-minded people where we can be of mutual help to one another. Please feel free to add any comments or if you would like to contact me personally please feel free to e-mail me at the address below. Have a wonderful life and i hope it is filled with JOY and happiness; LOL Murray.

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