“Numerology is the science of numbers.”

I would like to give you a quick introduction to the science of numbers which has been around for over 11,000 years. It goes back to Pythagoras times and beyond; mathematical equations  were used by the Egyptians when building the pyramids. The most intelligent minds in history have used mathematics to explain how everything exists in the physical universe. There is evidence all through history that all matter comes down to a mathematical equation. Predicting with numbers is a very sophisticated science; i first became interested in the subject in my early twenties; about 50 years ago. I met a person who told me all about myself with just knowing my birth date; i was fascinated and was hooked on wanting to know how this numerology worked. I figured that if i could learn more about it, it would help me understand myself better and help me in the future. Since that first time i have observed over 5 x 9 years cycles; and can now look back over 70 years of my life and see exactly where every major change occurred in my life; my divorces (2) and the professions i pursued; all shown in my chart.

Now i know there are many people who think numerology and astrology is a lot of hog wash; but i have found that those people either do not understand the science behind it or have any knowledge or experience of it or their spiritual belief system condemns it through fear of the unknown. You would be surprised nearly every person on this planet is living through their 9 year life cycles as they are supposed to; not even realizing what is happening. Numerology works on a 9 year cycle on a personal level; and also a 9 year cycle on a Universal level. Once you understand the cycle you are in then you can work with that energy of that particular cycle. Just one example; a 7 year cycle is a spiritual year; one to spend time with introspection; not going out and starting a new business. Simple stuff; i do not live my life based on what someone told me; but i do understand the cycle i am in and work with that energy; why swim against the tide when you can swim with it; it isn’t rocket science!!!

Numerology is based on “your name and birth date”; and the universe we live in. I am just touching on a simple explanation of the birth date; the name letters also have numbers; and when you put it all in a chart it comes together with some very interesting results. The birth date is more about events in your life; and the path you chose to take when you came into this world. Where the names are more about your soul urge; what you are expressing inwardly and what you are expressing outwardly; your talents; and the combined energy of all the name numbers; as you live through them each year they can change; it is a great tool for prediction.

Numerology works on a 9 year cycle; we reduce numbers to under 10; with the exception of 11+22 which are master numbers and are not reduced.

Example: The number 15: 1+5= (6) e.g. 142: 1+4+2=(7) everything is reduced to under 10; hence the 9 year cycles.

How we arrive at our personal year cycle: You take your birth day and month + the year in question: Example: 24/6/1987: add the total numbers up and reduce it to under 10. 24+6+1987: day (2+4=6) + month 6 + year (1+9+8+7)=25=(2+5=7): now we have 6 day + 6 month+7 year =19: 1+9=10: 1+0=1; so you are in a (1) year cycle. It looks complicated but once you get used to it, it is quick and easy; i do it in my head in a mater of seconds. Maths was my best subject in school; i can remember people’s birthdays before i remember their names; even years later.

Personal year Cycles
(1) Year cycle; New beginnings; new experiences; best time to start new projects; sometimes big changes; moving to new place; time to go for it as the energy is not blocking you; very hectic time for most.
(2) Year cycle; a settling down time after the hectic one year cycle; a time of friendships; slower pace and generally a nice period.
(3) Year cycle; this is a very busy time; a time of people meeting people; socializing; it is a travel period; if you do not travel then you will have people from overseas travel to you; you will certainly find yourself out and about a lot.
(4) Year cycle: this time is generally a work year; not a great deal happening on the immediate action front except head down and working on what you have created during your first 3 years. It is also a time of some disappointments; plans do not always work out to what you expected; but usually happen to your greater benefit; although you may not recognize it at the time.
(5) Year cycle; this is a time of much activity; it is the pivotal point in the whole life cycles; it generally signals change; either at work or a move in residence. Opportunities come to you; you do not have to seek them; it is a great time for advancement in work or business opportunities; it should be an exciting year. Be careful of not being too adventurous with your personal life; five also represents freedom; so just be careful; especially if you were born on a 5 day; or have a 5 life path as the energy will be doubly strong in the freedom department; can cause a lot of inner restlessness for the period you are going through.
(6) Year cycle; this is the best time to settle down and buy real estate; get married at this time; or at least you will be wanting to settle down during this time; especially if your life path number is a six; or you are in a six essence year; there will be strong energy to settle down. Six also represents flowers, gardening; interior decorating.
(7) Year cycle; this is a spiritual year; not a material year as such; just accept what comes your way in this year and do not push too hard for material gain. It is a time of inner reflection; you will become interested in esoterical subjects or pondering your life’s purpose; whichever it is it is not a good time to start a new business; there can be losses in a seven-year; great time to take up yoga and learn to meditate.
(8) Year cycle; this is a time of reaping the fruits of your labor from the past 7 years; if you have sown the right seeds then this is harvest time from the seeds you have sown. If you have worked hard and sown good seeds this is when your rewards will come; however it also is a leveling off time. If you owe debts it is time for them to be paid and likewise if people owe you money then you should get that money back. It is not necessary a money year in the sense that you are going to make a lot of money in this year; that could happen if you deserve it and have worked towards this time. However it could also mean a time where money is short if you did not plan well; either way is will be a very busy time.
(9) year cycle; this is the end of the whole 9 year cycle period; it is a time of tying up loose ends; clearing out all that is not needed any more; material as well as emotionally and relationships. This is a time of great tests where relationships are concerned; if the relationships in your life are not working as well as they should; then this is the time when they will be tested. If they survive your 9 year cycle then they will be in your life for another 9 years; most do not survive. The universe is clearing out all the unwanted energy getting ready for the new beginning of the 1 year cycle that will start again once the 9 year cycle has run its course. My personal 9 year cycles have all been dramatic and life changing for the better; although at the time I may not have thought so; as so much goes on during these testing time; mainly on the emotional level rather that material; but with me it has been loss on both levels on a number of occasions. I have observed and worked through 5; nine-year cycles and have had the advantage of doing the research on my own chart and compared the experiences with the cycles and it never ceases to amaze me just how accurate this system is.
(11) Year cycle; this is a Master number; this cycle belongs to the inner prospective; it is a personal cycle in the literal sense; it involves everything inside of one’s self.; e.g Inner vision; reflection on higher goals, spiritual attainment ; focusing on humanitarian work; if it is money focused then you will fail. This does not mean that you cannot make money during this transit; but your main focus is helping people not what you can get out of it. There is a good chance of you becoming famous during these transits if your focus is on humanitarian grounds, specialize in doing one thing and stick to it.
(22) Year cycle; Another Master number; both the 22 & 11 year cycles are not common prior to 2000; however I have just done a chart on my daughter and she has 11 year cycles in here chart; where I had none. So 22 is very similar to 11 except that 22 has a more international and global energy than 11 has. They are both very similar; the 11 with the inner focus; and the 22 with the worldly focus; outside of one’s self; charity work, helping people, fund-raising for good causes. If you are not currently in a position to do these things in this transit then just be aware that it is an energy that is not conducive to making money for yourself or personal gain on all levels. However you will benefit from this transit if you do engage in selfless work.

Universal year:
One more thing; the Universal year cycles; this encompasses the whole world; as the Universe has the same 9 year cycles and 11 & 22 cycles as the personal year; however it is on a Universal level; so we just add the year number and reduce it under 10 and it gives us the Universal number;
e.g. 1987; 1+9+8+7= 25 2+5=7. 1987 is a Universal 7 year which would influence the whole world with that energy of introspection; a time of reflection for countries to rethink the course and strategies in their world. A year of spiritual enlightenment and loss in some cases; drug and alcohol will be also prominent for social reform. Interest in occult and spirituality will be highlighted in some countries and people will be more aware of the collective energy that is most powerful at these times.
One interesting thing about numbers; the number 9 in particular is that when multiplied or subtracted and reduced fewer than 10; it will always come back to 9 or the number you multiplied it by. Example: 6 x 9 = 54: 5+4 = 9 e.g. 9 x 9 = 81; 8+1=9: e.g. 9 x 3 = 27: 2+7 = 9

Well that is just the tip of the ice burg of explanations; there is much more; and i will expand more in my next blog on the subject. Any questions or queries are most welcome; hope you are having a lovely day; and living a life full of joy and happiness; LOL Murray