FEAR of the “Unknown” (A Souls Journey)

The Parenting game 2

Why do we fear the unknown?

This subject may seem obvious but there are some interesting aspects about this that I find fascinating.

To start with what is FEAR?

Fear is an emotion; and emotions bury FEELINGS. Fear like anger comes up after experiencing a FEELING; in most cases it takes a split second after feeling the feeling; then comes the FEAR to bury it. Feelings like helplessness, powerless; no one wants to feel feelings of a negative nature. Fear can be a good thing also; it can save your life; fright and flight in the case of a big bear confronting you in the woods.

We fear the unknown because we do not have any choices with an unknown. With a known we have choices; you can act on the information or choose to do nothing; but an unknown places you in a place of helplessness or powerlessness. The mind puts up pictures and your imagination goes wild not knowing what it is; (which makes you FEEL helpless!!!)

It is a perfectly normal human reaction to fear the unknown; what is ahead of me in the dark in a wild life reserve?? The pain I have in my stomach that the doctors cannot tell me what is causing it!! Is it cancer? Why can’t they tell me what it is? The imaginations kick in and thinks the worst.

Now an interesting thing about all this is that whatever the answer is to your questions; good or bad you are relieved to find out what it is; even if it is cancer; you are still relieved; “now you can try to do something about it” your power is restored again to some extent. In these circumstances most people still hand their power over to doctors to deal with it but at least they are relieved to know what it is; hence takes away the feeling of helplessness.
All this helplessness is subconscious of course; they just feel the fear; but now they have something else to contend with; they now feel they have some control over their destiny.

Take control over the UNKNOWN.
The future is an unknown; a lot of people consciously fear the future for many different reasons; some are born in war-torn countries; or under developed countries with unstable governments; or fear their financial future.

There are others that have isolated themselves in safe places and control every part of their lives to the last detail; these people do not fear the future “consciously” but “unconsciously” they do; because of the amount of effort they have put into trying to make their world safe and control everything around them. People who have a lot of money are afraid of losing it and the ones that do not have money fear because they may not be able to sustain their existence.

Embracing the UNKNOWN forces you to live in the NOW!!

Living in the moment means NOW!!! If you are in your head thinking you are not living in the NOW. If you are in your mind referencing anything; you can only be either in the past or the future, NOT the present. I use the word referencing because it is a conscious effort; as opposed to thought drifting in and out of the mind that is spontaneous; you can be in the NOW and have spontaneous thought popping in and out like we do when we are writing and being creative. We must be in our feelings to experience the NOW; and feeling is the gap between thoughts.

So planning every detail of any venture we take on (“other that constructing a building or material construction of any description”) is taking away any spontaneous action that allows you to be in present time. Planning too much sets up an expectation which sets you up for disappointment and does not allow you to experience the present moment; because you are too busy in your head trying to organize everything and you miss the present; the journey!!!

Life is a Journey; not arriving anywhere.
I have always been a person who is very curious and inquisitive and loves adventure; as I have got older my adventurous days have increased. It wasn’t until I became aware of dealing with the unknown that I made a conscious decision to challenge myself and make the unknown exciting and welcomed what was around the corner with excitement and enthusiasm. This way I live in the moment without any expectations of what might be round the corner; and do not set myself up for disappointments where possible.

EXAMPLE: It is funny; most people plan a holiday or their entire life and do so with great detail to see and do things that they have always wanted to do. In most cases these holidays NEVER pan out exactly the way they were supposed to; if you do all the things you had planned; there is no room for being spontaneous; in the NOW.

I love living in Asia (Thailand); and here you have to live in the NOW to stay alive; especially when driving which I do a lot of; then the challenge of crossing a road without getting run over!!! This keeps me in present time; no time to slacken off; it comes naturally!!

Ever taken off for a drive and had no plans for the day except to have a good time and nice drive? Start driving and then decide which direction you want to go. Stop by a wayside cafe and have a coffee and cake and then start driving with no particular destination and find a lovely place you had not been before; just allowed the day to unfold without any plans.           This is living in the now; allow things to unfold without planning everything and I guarantee you will have a better time without expectations than you ever will if you put expectations on the day.

So use UNKNOWN’S as an excuse for an adventure and challenge yourself to get excited about what is around the corner; and just allow everything to flow without expectations and your life will be filled with extreme adventures and exciting times.

I try not to plan any more than 6 months ahead; and when i do i only put in a skeleton plan; leave out the middle bits for the unknown; if i am traveling i book accommodation when i get here, or just book for one night and sort the rest out when i am there; i just allow things to flow; trust my intuition will lead you in the right direction.

Living on the edge is not for the faint heart-ed but it is worth it; it certainly makes me feel alive and rely on my intuition a lot which helps me to make the right choices.

I am past 71 now; my life is getting easier as it goes on; so i figure i must be doing something right. I feel a lot of gratitude in my life now; for past experiences and my present situation.  I try not to make anything bad; just accept everything as it is and make any event a lesson to grow and be grateful for what I have and create Joy in my life.

I hope you enjoy your venture into the great unknown with excitement and not trepidation.

please any comments are most welcome; and I hope you enjoyed my writing as much as I have writing it. Hope you are all experiencing some Joy and happiness in your lives; LOL Murray


“Crying” a “Feeling or Emotion?” (A Souls Journey)

The Parenting game 2

What is the difference between FEELING and EMOTION?

Big difference: Feeling has NO MOVEMENT; it is a SENSATION. When we feel something it gives us a sensation of, hot, cold, rough, smooth, soft, abrasive to name a few. It can also give us a sensation of awareness that something is wrong; or is exciting; or anticipation of something to come; I feel nothing!!! Is a feeling; no movement.

EMOTION: is a “POWERFUL FORCE THAT MOVES”. To emote is to move; like; fear, anger, crying are very powerful emotions that have a lot of energy moving them.

Now let us take crying for example: It is perfectly normal and healthy for humans to cry; in fact it releases chemicals that sedate the mind; the only problems with crying is if it is uncontrollable for a long length of time; that is not so healthy.

Crying is an Emotion; and also a FEELING!

WHY DO WE CRY: We can cry for a couple of reasons?

1) We grieve the LOSS of a loved one; which brings our energy down.
2) We can cry from JOY: which is uplifting for our energy.


What is the purpose for crying? When we are crying we cannot FEEL; the EMOTION blocks out the FEELING (pain) that is why when people cry they go in and out of that emotion; they cry for a while and when they stop they feel the pain again and start to cry again. Perfectly normal and healthy in the case of grieving a loved one. However when this grief continues on for an excessively prolonged period of time it is not so healthy for the person who is grieving.

Let me ask you a question? When we are crying; who are we crying for? (In the case of a lost loved one?)

Are you crying for them? NO; you are crying because YOU ARE GOING TO MISS THEM; you are crying out of self-pity; feeling sorry for yourself because you are left behind; Self-pity is a FEELING!!! CRYING is the EMOTION that blocks out the pain.
Now I am not making this bad; I am just telling you how it is; and it is perfectly normal human behavior; it is just that self-pity if indulged in over a long period of time is not healthy and puts us in the victim category which is not a nice place to be. There is always a grieving period after a loved one departs us; and everyone is different; but there should be a reasonable time allowed for people to grieve; if they do not grieve properly then suppressing this can lead to either physical or emotional ill health.
I have grieved many time in my life; and since being aware of the difference between crying and feeling self-pity; having this awareness I make a conscious decision to give myself permission to grieve for a certain length of time; and when I FEEL it is time to let go then I stop. Before I would suppress any emotions and suck it up; that is what men did when I was growing up.

A true story: about someone who kept onto self pity for 15 years.

I had an elderly gentleman come into my clinic one day and he told me he was depressed; ever since this wife died some 15 years ago; he felt depressed. We sat and chatted for a while and he told me about his wife and how much she had done for him when she was alive. It was not until she died that he realized just how much she had done for him; and he did not appreciate her enough while she was alive.
I pointed out to him that his wife would not have done the things she did if she did not love him very much. I also pointed out to him that he was feeling guilty and sorry for himself for not appreciating all the things she had done for him. I also told him that she would not be very happy seeing him like this; she would want him to start living again with the loving memory of her; without the guilt.

I then asked him; “how long are you going to continue feeling guilty and sorry for yourself?” I said to him “isn’t it time you let go of this guilt and self pity and start to appreciate your wife as she was?” He pondered for a while and then smiled; he just said “thank you”.

After a short while he said to me that he was feeling much better and assured me his guilt had gone; he went off happy and I never saw him again.

That experience was just as uplifting for me as it was for him; I never charged him for his visit; the experience was payment enough.

Well hope you enjoyed my blog as much as I have writing it. As usual any comments are most welcome and hope you are all having a great day full or joy and happiness; LOL Murray

Celestial Traveler (A Souls Journey)

Galactic Travel

Story about a celestial traveler holidaying on earth.

“In a far off galaxy in the middle of the universe, there lives a group of beings called

“The Time Lords”, who watch over all creation. They are responsible for maintaining the evolution of all life forms throughout their domain. Every so often each one goes on vacation.

One of them was called “Crobe”, and his turn came up to have a holiday. So, he contacted his galaxy travel agent to see what was available. “Well Crobe, his travel agent said, “we have on the outer edges of our own star system the “Red” planet, where you can just lay back and enjoy every pleasure in existence.”

Crobe replied; “I went there last time and it is wonderful, but I want something move exotic;” Well then, how about the “Green” planet in the start cluster 401, where you just lay back in the mist of perfect tranquility and peace; very popular at the moment”; “No”, Crobe answered, “I want something more challenging.”

The travel agent looked thoughtful for a moment, then said. “Ah, I think I have just the thing for you. In the far reaches of the universe there is a very small star cluster called the “Milky Way”; God knows where they got the name from. In it, there is this “Blue” planet where you can play lots of games with yourself, and other “Time Lords” who are on holiday there. The principal game is “hide and seek; very popular with everyone who goes there; and before you go, you get to select how many lifetimes you want, and which principle game you play in each life. As there is no time in our dimension, you can have any number of lifetimes. Then, once there, you give up all memory of who you are, so that you can seek yourself with each life game.

Between games you get to select which principal game you want to play in finding yourself for the next one, as well as what gender you want. With each life time game, there are a couple of very funny games called “families and relationships”. “You’ll get a million laughs out of those ones.”

Crobe looked interested. “This sounds great. Tell me some of the other games I can play while I’m trying to find myself”.
“Well, there is quite a list of them; and you get to play almost all of them throughout your vacation.” A very popular one is called “the warrior” game. This is to see how many times you can get killed in battle, or die violently, while helping other vacationers do the same. It’s so funny, and the funniest thing about this one is, that everyone takes it so seriously; most get to play this about 200 times.

You’ll kill yourself laughing at this one; it is the “Merchant game”. This is to see how many times you can get rich, and loose it all in one lifetime; very interesting and entertaining.

What about this one; it is called the “Workers” game. The idea is to do the same thing every day for eight hours a day for about fifty years. You are given just enough money to feed your family and get drunk occasionally; or if your gender is female, you get to see how many times you can clean your house, and cook meals before you wear your body out. I haven’t quite figured this one out yet, but I think it is to assist other vacationers back into the game that they call “Birth”.

But this one you’ll love; it’s called the “learning” game; which is to see how many systems and concepts called philosophies in finding yourself that you can collect in one game. Once you get good at this one, it stretches out into what is called “The Teachers” or “Guru” game, where you think you are enlightened, and help other vacationers to play the “Learning” game.

But the most popular of all, and here is the good news, you get to play this one, along with each of the other games it’s called the “victim-suffering” game. This will knock you over with laughter; you get to see how many situations you can turn into disasters; how many times you can die from disease; how many times you can cause, what they call “feelings of unhappiness”. Apparently, you have to train your mind to make things wrong and judge them as bad. I could never get the hang of it myself; apparently they send you to a special school to learn it properly. Prior to that, you get an initial training in it from other vacationers who are playing the “Parent” game. With practice you will soon get it though”. Crobe; “this sounds great; sign me up”.

I really love that little story because it is so true and so humorous; we need to lighten up and not take everything so seriously.
This little story was discovered by myself in a book about 15 years ago; (I cannot remember the name of the book) and in that book the author could not remember where he got it from; so I cannot acknowledge the original author of this story; sorry about that; but it is a great story I think.

Just thought I would lighten it up a bit today: hope you are all having a great day and joyous and happy life; any comments are most welcome; LOL Murray

Illness is a learned Behavior (A Souls Journey)

The Parenting game 2
I realize I am throwing the cat among the pigeons with this statement; when I first heard about it, I thought (“what a lot of hogwash”).
You really need to have an open mind about what I am about to tell you; otherwise you may miss out on some valuable information.

Throughout many years of running a Natural Therapy Clinic and years of research I have come to realize that this statement is so true; we really do create illness for attention at least 80% of the time.

Let me ask you a question: When a baby wants attention what do they do? Cry right; they soon learn to get attention that way. Now when I was growing up one of two things happened; at first I got the attention I was wanting; but after a while my parents woke up to my antics; they would let me cry till I gave up or went to sleep.
Once that method stopped working I soon learned that when I got sick; WOW what attention I got then; I developed POLIO when I was 3 years old for attention. Now; no 3-year-old goes out and says to itself that they are going to create polio for attention; right? WRONG!

Subconsciously I attracted the disease for attention because it was going around then and I was susceptible to attracting it because my needs were not being met; of course I did not know then what polio was.
All human beings have a basic need from DAY ONE to be loved unconditionally, liked and appreciated, above all things; and they will go to great lengths to meet this goal. A very young child has not got to a reasoning state yet, so they do the next best thing they know what gets them attention; and plenty of it; GET SICK!!! Whenever my kids got sick I would say to them “you want some love and attention do you” and give them a big hug and spend some quality time; (“undivided attention time with them”); and in most cases I did not have to give them any natural medication.

Following on; let me make this statement; “there is always an upside to an illness!!!” Sometimes I would asked my patients “what is the advantage of this illness or ailment you have?” They would always protest; “no advantage”!!! Then I would ask them a question “what don’t you have to do as a result of this illness or ailment”; when getting them to look at what they had created they would agree with me and come to a positive conclusion about their ailment. Of course there were people in total denial; but most people who could see what was happening; would always heal very quickly. Of course I had to use discretion as to who I posed that question to; but in most cases it was life changing for the ones who had a realization.

My Advantage: my polio left me with one leg shorter than the other; I had massage 3 times a week from the time I was 8 years old till I was 12 years old; (4 years). The masseuse taught me to tell the time, gave me his fishing rod and taught me beach fishing; and became like a father to me; as my relationship with my own father was pretty strained at that time. What a great deal!!! Both my legs are the same now and it got me over a rough time in my life growing up with an absent father.

Another example of a created ailment: One day a woman came to me with a tennis elbow; I had treated many of these ailments and new exactly how to fix it straight away by adjusting her neck; 3rd cervical. But I also knew she created this problem and she needed to realize how she had done it for my treatment to last; or she would be back in a couple of days with the same problem. So I asked her a question “are you right-handed?” (injured arm) “she said yes”. I said; “what advantage is it to you not being able to use your right arm?”. She smiled at me and said; “she had divorce papers that had sat on her table for 4 weeks now and she had not got around to signing them”. We chatted about her creation and she realized that her procrastination had brought on the tennis elbow; I adjusted her neck and it was instantly fixed and she did not need to see me again. I knew if I had not have made her realize she created her situation she would not have healed permanently.

The body is designed to heal itself; “given the right environment”; you cut yourself and provided the wound is kept clean it will heal itself. If the wound get dirt in it; it will get infected; not rocket science. If you eat garbage food; toxic food like take-a-ways; fast food filled with additives; don’t expect to stay healthy. It is amazing what the body is capable of when it comes to what we poke down our necks; but constant subjection to abuse and the body will say enough is enough and you develop a disease. I always say to people; “you put water were the petrol is supposed to go in your car” and see how far you get; same as your body; you cannot keep feeding it rubbish and expect it to work properly. The same applies to your mental state and stress levels and the mind; they interfere with the normal function of your body; and can change hormonal levels and create problems that are reversible but not with normal medical medication.

Think about this: your body consists of about 80% water; the rest is minerals; same as in the earth outside!!! Different formula of minerals, but same minerals; ion, calcium, and the list goes on; you get the picture.
Getting down to physics; water is H2o; 2 part hydrogen; one part oxygen; the combination is vibrating at a certain frequency to make the substance water as we know it. Now this is MATTER; which cannot be destroyed; it can be changed or transformed; but can not be destroyed; SCIENTIFIC FACT.

EXAMPLE: Take water as we know it;“through a bucket of water over someone and all that happens is they get wet”; right? Now by either adding an element to water or taking one away we can change the characteristic and make that matter quite different. Freezing water changes the total characteristic of that substance that could kill someone by throwing a block of ice at their head. Likewise if we add heat to the same water it is evaporated into the atmosphere; the statement I made is “MATTER CAN NOT BE DESTROYED” it can be changed by adding an element or taking one away; but can NOT be destroyed. water being the most important element in our bodies; we can only survive about 3 days without water; but we can live 3-4 weeks without food.

The reason why I have gone to great lengths to explain this is; to make you aware that our entire body is a vibrating mass of frequencies that form the physical body. A holistic approach to disease; body mind and spirit; has to be taken into account when treating disease; and an understanding of just how everything is put together. Genetics is just coded memory; I have seen it changed; that has been my experience; I do not expect you to accept this unless you have a really open mind; and explore the possibilities yourself; you will not find the answer in any science books!!! I do accept that genetics can plays a role in many diseases; however these diseases have been known to have improved or cured in some occasions with “energy medicine”.
Now the body being a vibrating mass of combined energy; organs vibrate at different frequencies to form different substances and each organs vibrates at its own frequency: when we have a heart problem the frequency of that organ is effected; treat the frequency and the heart recovers. What is going to influence the well-being of the human body?? You go it; the mind puts out powerful frequencies; the food we eat puts out frequencies; and both or any one of these items can cause a problem with the overall harmony that the body requires for healing. So attention must be taken to find the problem that is causing the illness; and in about 80% of illnesses is caused by the mind and mental anguish of some description; masked in physical ailments or psychological illness of some sort or another.
Treating these ailments takes a great deal of insight into the nature of human beings and the knowledge of quantum physics; and how everything fits in this universe. The human spirit is one of the most important aspects to healing; and that can only be taken care of once the cause has been established.
I know in many cases where there is proof that a certain hormone is causing a psychosis; or menopausal problem; etc. but if it occurs in one person then why does it not occur in everyone; men and women are all wired the same way physically; our bodies are all the same from day one, unless we are born with a deformity. Now science will put it down to genetics; or hormones; I say rubbish; I have seen people with hormonal problems in a number of ailments heal after treating them from all aspects of natural healing; body, mind and spirit. My first cancer patient I ever helped was given 6 months to live with stomach and lymphatic cancer; 6 month after she first saw me they could not detect a thing wrong with her. She was 62 years old; 14 years later she was still going strong. Now do not like to take credit for her well-being; but I will say she followed my advice down to every detail; and I reinforced to her that she was the one who was healing herself; I was just guiding her through a rough patch in her life and she was the one sticking to the diet and following my advice; she was in charge of her own health. (There was some “energy medicine” being applied as well)

I started off by stating we create our own illness for attention which is a learned behavior; I can give you many examples of this in my own life; however I will save that for another blog.
There is a lot more to this article that can be said but I am trying to cut it to a readable amount to stimulate your interest or challenge what I am saying. My blog is about “The Hidden Course of Illness” and I firmly believe we create our own illness 80% of the time; either consciously or unconsciously.
My next blog will be about ENERGY MEDICINE; that phrase seems to have caught on in the past few years and is accepted as a valid therapy; but when I was practicing it in 1982-93; it worked so successfully that I stopped using it publicly; it was not credible at the time with the limited knowledge people had of any Natural Therapy; but it worked very well and produced miracle results sometimes. In those days I had to keep reasonably close to the norm as possible when treating people; and slip in treatments without the patient know what I was doing; otherwise I would not have had a business.
Energy medicine deals with quantum physics (intelligent sub-atomic particles) and how we are a mass of vibrating matter that can be altered to overcome disease both physically and emotionally.
I hope I have evoked some thinking among you if you have never considered what I have written and certainly urge you to challenge what I have said if you want to; and I will respond if you wish. Hope you all are having a joyful and happy life and I look forward to publishing my next post; LOL Murray

Copyright 2005

A Souls Journey (Conflict Resolution)

                                  Conflict Resolution
This is a very effective way to resolve a conflict between two people; generally partners; however it can be with anyone. If you attempt this method on your own without a mediator then it is OK; however there are rules you must follow for it to work. I have used this method very effectively during the early days of my second marriage; this is when two couples generally find it difficult when still getting to know one another
Let me make this statement at the beginning; if you do not like what your partner is doing or saying; THEN IT IS YOUR PROBLEM: “NOT YOU’RE PARTNERS!!!” Having said that; if your partner buys into the argument; then it becomes their problem as well!!!
So how do we avoid the blame game?? Simple; when you have a conflict arise that you feel you need to deal with; make a decision about it and follow the instructions I am about to tell you.

• 1): You inform your partner that you wish to have some time out to discuss a matter that is bothering you; DO NOT SAY ANY MORE THAN THAT

• 2): You need to set a time aside to deal with your problem when you are not going to be interrupted by anyone.

• 3): Prepare a bath or spar if you have one; if not a very conducive area or space that is quiet; have low lighting and put candles all around; and nice smelling salts in water if having a bath.

• 4): We had a spar so I will instruct you on that; you improvise if you have not got a bath or spar. Sit at opposite ends of the bath or spar facing one another; or sit in a comfortable space not too far apart from one another facing each other.

• 5): During this whole procedure whoever is talking; the other person has to (SHUT UP AND LISTEN) until that person has finished what they are saying. NOW once there is silence from the speaker then the other person asks the question “HAVE YOU FINISHED?” Once they say yes; then it is the other person’s turn to respond; and the first speaker then has to SHUT UP AND LISTEN to the response. This procedure goes on back and forth until they are both satisfied that all their grievance are aired. Now it is most imperative that while one person is talking the other does not try to defend their actions and get into a debate; they must wait their turn to talk. Some times when there is a lot of animosity a mediator can be used to make sure that the rules are adhered to; (of course that would not apply when having a bath or spar!!!)

• 6:) Now once you are satisfied that you have exhausted your grievances then start to tell each other what you “like about them!!!” Using the same rules as the first procedure. Keep going back and forth until all is exhausted and generally I have found the end result is very satisfying.

You see most people in a conflict talk “at one another” and no one listens “to one another”. This method allows both parties to be heard; also most of the time what you do not like in someone else is generally a reflection of part of yourself being reflected back to you. People in conflict want to blame the other person so they do not have to take responsibility for their own actions, once you blame then you do not have to feel the pain.

In the early part of my second marriage we used this method a lot; we both understood the importance of taking responsibility and not blaming. I would just say to my wife; I need to take a bath with you tonight; she knew what the procedure was and nothing more was said till bath time. There are many ways to deal with conflict; this is just one of them that I have found very effective that you can try on your own without a mediator.

I also train practitioners in a very fast, effective and non-threatening way of dealing with any kind of conflict, depression, upsets, phobias, and dis-creating unwanted identities; any obstacle that stops people from living a joyful and happy life. My method of training is; you need to experience the process yourself; clear out your own obstacles; to be able to know what the other person is experiencing to help them.
Well I hope you have enjoyed my writings and any comment are always welcome; I hope you are having a joyful and happy life; till the next time; LOL Murray

How i Created A Perfect Identity (A Souls Journey)

What I am about to tell you is in no way blaming my parents for what happened to me growing up; they did what they did to the best of their ability at the time; I did not come with parenting instructions; but I needed to understand this identity to be able to function in the world and be able to get in touch with the real me and start to FEEL again.

I mentioned in a previous writing that both my parents were perfectionists; my mother was particularly controlling; she also had a big complex about her weight and had rejection issues. When I was born I was wanted; she had produced the only grandson among all the girls in the extended family; now she was the center of attention.
Growing up as a young child during the second world war was not easy; we lived on a 100 acre orchard which my grandfather owned; we had our separate house; but mother was a city girl and did not like the country life all that much. I was an inquisitive child and ventured out quite a bit and was quite rebellious; very normal for a young child. I did not do what I was told very often; I soon learned that when I was being myself and being a normal child that got into things and made a mess around the place; I got a hiding or scolding; mother had a pretty good temper when she was challenged. In the early days children were seen and not heard; you spoke when you are spoken to; otherwise be quiet. Also it was OK for a man to get angry; but he was not allowed to show any emotion; whereas for a women it was OK to show emotion but was not supposed to show angry.
So I learned that when I was being good I was loved and when I was being NORMAL and myself I was not loved or accepted. It is called CONDITIONAL love; I was not loved unconditionally. So I developed this PERFECT identity to be accepted by my parents; while I was doing nothing and being inconspicuous and not getting into things with my curious mind; I was loved; but when I was being myself I was not accepted and either got scolded or a hiding; “I got plenty of hidings”.

Now there were 2 identities; the accepted me; (perfect identity) and the (real me); my true “soul” self. Growing up I soon learned how to gain more acceptance by my peers; I used to work in the orchard from about 4 years of age till we left when I was about 9 years old. I was 6ft tall when I was 12 years old so I was treated like an adult at a very early age. I was praised for my ability to work hard; so I learned to be a workaholic very young; once again to be accepted; i was praised for being a great worker. Perfectionists are very aware of their surroundings and the people around them; so they spend a great deal of time monitoring everything; this is where the control comes in; and it is also very trying.
Over many years of living as this “perfect identity” i developed a lot more personalities to this identity; I become totally detached from my true self; I could put my arms around my children and give them a big hug; but I could not FEEL any depth to my affections; it was horrible; there was a vacuum there; the identity had no feeling.

It was after a workshop I did on personal growth in my early fifties when I broke this identity and started to feel again and got back to living my true self (free of this identity). The experience was indescribable and life changing and I am so grateful to the person who helped me back to life again.
Obviously there is a lot more that can be said about this perfect identity but I think you get the idea. The perfect identity is just one of many identities we develop to cope emotionally in the world; we develop what I call a FALSE SELF to show the world; a mask we hind behind; but it is not the REAL you.
The interesting thing about identities is; they are hard to detect by the person who is running them; they think that the identity is the real person and not something that they created to cope emotionally.
Well I will leave it at that; hope you enjoyed my writing and as always any comments are most welcome; wish you all the Joy and happiness; LOL Murray

Cosmic Guardian (A souls Journey)

2007-04-05 12.47.43                                       On my many visits to China I met this wonderful old man who is 112 year old; still very active; hearing is not the best but he can see well and gets around well. We also met his 95 years old son; who was in worse shape than his father. This place is called “Bahama”; four hours drive by bus from city of “Nanning” in Southern China; it is in the mountains. About a half hour bus ride from Bahama by a river that flows past a little village; there lives the worlds largest collection of people who live over 100 years old. The water that flows past the village comes from a spring in a huge cave not far from the village; we went into the cave which is about 1/2km long; awesome. This water is supposed to contain longevity properties because this is the only village in China were nearly all the people live over 100 years old; they put this down to drinking the water. There is also an added theory that helps their longevity; they cook all their food with hemp seed; not oil; while we were there they had hem seed for sale for $1.00 a kg!!!

Below: is the gentleman’s 95-year-old son; who was blind and quite deaf.

2007-04-05 12.49.52

Below: This dear old soul was 105 years old; we sat and held hands for about 15 minutes; not being able to speak the dialect i had a college student as in interpreter; her grandmother came from the same village. These people do not have welfare so they rely on gifts from tourists to get by; it was worth every penny i donated; she was lovely.

2007-04-05 12.37.29

Below: The entrance to the cave where the water comes from; the outline of the cave’s mouth looks a lot like the shape of Australia. During the wet season water gushes from this cave and the oxygen inside the cave is supposed to increase dramatically; giving a rejuvenating experience.

2007-04-06 09.30.38

Below: Beautiful water from the river which is bottled and sold in shops; while we were there we bought a 5 letre plastic container and took some water home.

2007-04-05 13.39.28

Below: The country side around the little village. There is a new hotel that has been built for tourists alongside the river; they have 2/bedrooms; western toilets; very nice for about $10.00AU a night; there are also villa’s near the cave that are for rent for holidays or longer term.

2007-04-05 14.05.43

Below: Some houses in the village and on the hillside along the river; some of the places are quite modern; and some are very primitive.

2007-04-05 12.43.162007-04-05 12.43.01

Hope you like my travel blog; i like to go to interesting places where i can learn about new ways of healing and meeting interesting people. Have a great day; any comments are most welcome, LOL Murray

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Serenity.”

I took this photo while on one of my many cruises on “Yellow Waters” billabong; Kakadu National Park; Northern Territory; Australia2010-04-27 06.44.12

This is a typical sun rise on Yellow Water billabong (Kakadu National Park) Northern Territory, Australia; during the dry season. Such a serine picture; i took it while working as a skipper and tour guide; working part time; living four months a year in Australia and 8 months in Thailand, it was a hard job!!! The sunsets are just as spectacular.  I think it is awesome; hope you like it; Murray

2015-01-01 15.06.56Just recapping on “A Souls Journey (Part 4)” I covered “How we attract people to our selves who are resisting the same feelings and have created the same “Identity”. I used the example of the “Rejected Identity” ; “Like attracts Like”.

The subject today is; “what happens when you dis-create an identity” 

“When you dis-create a negative identity”; depending on the amount of power that identity had over you would govern your experience. An example: Say you were subjected to a lot of rejection in your younger years; because this is when these identities are created; not accepted for who you really are; either consciously of unconsciously by parenting or school experiences. You were loved as long as you did what was expected of you“; “if you do not do as your told you will get a hiding!!!“; that is how i was parented; conditional love; you were not loved “unconditionally”; “unconditional love”; “I love you despite all your short comings” These are when the identities are created to deal with the experience; some rejected identity would take up a big space in your personality; a big part of your whole being. It would govern how you related to people; some people are more sensitive than others; your persona my be timid, shy; so those people’s response to rejection would be dramatic. In relationships you would not allow yourself to get too close to anyone; or just close enough so you did not have to get intimate. Everyone is different and deals with rejection in different ways but once this rejected identity has gone; it leaves a great gap in your being; a vacuum of beautiful calm space; all of a sudden this identity is not running your life any more. Your life has revolved around fear of rejection “unconsciously” ; now the identity has gone; “what are you going to do”?; NOTHING; you do not have to do anything; except now you have more choices in your life; all of a sudden your life changes in so many way. A fear of rejection stops us from doing a lot of things in life; it may be an unconscious fear but it is there; how may people are afraid of public speaking? Meeting new people personally face to face; strangers? The way you relate to people; your relationships become more intimate; because you are not attracting the same type of person into your life; you are empowered and uplifted to have that monkey off your back; your whole being feels expanded and the opportunities are endless. How many people got nervous when they published their first blog?? Now let me make something clear; once you have dis-created the rejected identity; this does not mean that you will never feel rejected again; you may, but it will only last for a short time and it will not run your life any longer. One other thing; your current relationship will do one of two things; it will either end or flourish; end because you do not have anything in common that attracted you together in the first place; or the partner feels the difference of “no resistance to intimacy” and your whole persona is softer and accepting; it allows them to feel safer to get closer. Mostly the relationships part; and you finish up attracting to yourself a wonderful partner who you can share an intimate soul experience.

Just one thing to ponder on: How many people can LABEL ten feelings correctly. let me start you off; the feeling behind Rejection is: HURT. What are the labels for the following feelings: Disappointment; Powerless; Hopeless; Helpless; Inadequate; Alone; Lonely; Abandoned; Impatience; see how you go.

It is really interesting that human being relate by their feelings yet most of us find it difficult to label these feelings. Why is it so important to be able to label them? I will cover this in my next writings plus more. Hope you enjoyed reading my blog as i have writing it; hope your day is filled with joy and happiness; as usual any feedback is most welcome; LOL Murray

2015-01-01 15.06.56

Previous writings on “A Souls Journey” (Part 3)

Recapping on previous blog; “How we develop negative beliefs and the mechanism that holds those beliefs in place until they are properly dealt with”; and “how we develop a personality (Identity) to deal with those beliefs”.

Subject now: “How we attract people who are resisting the same feelings”

“How we attract people in our lives that are resisting the same feelings”. Identities have a personality; a persona; an energy vibration that they give out and attract the same people who are resisting the same negative feelings; remember the law “Like attracts Like”

Let me give you an example of what an identity may be feeling resisting “rejection”; This identity may be feeling unconsciously:- mistrust; unsafe; angry; HURT; inadequate; afraid; insecure; emotional; worthless; helpless any or all of these feelings and more. But the main feeling of rejection is HURT; because HURT is the label for “rejection”.

The persona of the rejected identity may be a; confident; successful person; ambitious; well dressed; but still running a rejected identity. Remember these are hidden resisted feelings; they are unknowns to you; therefore they can make you stress out because you do not know what is going on in your life when they get triggered. This one generally pops up when you start a RELATIONSHIP!!! That is when the identities start to spar!! If not in a relationship then they get triggered at work or by a family member. I used to run this identity big time; till i dealt with it and i do not fear rejection now; that does not mean that i never feel rejected; but it does not run my life any more; i do not respond to it like i used to; it is liberating.

Let me explain how a rejected identity may behave and feel when it is triggered: Example: It pushes people away; runs away and hides; gets depressed; gets angry; feels rejected; feels hurt; feels not good enough; feels alone; sabotages; mistrust; this is just a few of the different actions or feelings; but the main feeling is HURT and the next is MISTRUST. Remember what i said in my last blog about “LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE” well you guested it; rejected identities attract one another; and do you know why? Because they feel comfortable!!! Rejected identities can NEVER be vulnerable with one another because of their TRUST issues; they only allow themselves to get so close; and never have the intimate relationship that they are carving because deep down they are afraid of being rejected. This is why, when in a relationship for a while; you start to feel that your needs are not getting met; you feel something is missing but not quite sure what it is; you have everything; a great house; car; husband and all the material trappings; but still feel there is something missing; not realising that it is intimacy; and you are never going to go there. Then what do you do? You either end the relationship by unconsciously sabotage it by making it difficult for the other person to stay. You also can make a decision that ” i am not going to be hurt again”; after one of your sabotaging episodes; or words to this effect. So you get a dog and feel more comfortable with the fury friend knowing he is never going to hurt you; you can put your love and affection on it knowing that you will never be rejected. Another example; when you run the rejected identity long enough and have tried relationships that have not worked; then you make a decision; “you would sooner be on your own; with out the hassles; and that is what happens; then comes the fury friend to keep you company. You build a wall around yourself and you are inside feeling safe; but ALONE. I have felt “Alone” most of my married life; because of my inability to allow myself to become vulnerable; until i process the issue and now there is no problem. Feeling alone; is different from feeling LONELY; you can still feel ALONE and be surrounded by friends and not feel lonely; feeling alone, there is no inner connection to someone who you care about on a soul level; you feel isolated; with no one you can be completely honest and vulnerable with.; tell them anything without being judged; being loved unconditionally.

I have just dealt with rejection; there are numerous identities; think of a feeling and you can create an identity about that feeling. I will give you an example; I once process a person who was running a business that was not going so well; he employed 4 people. During the process he discovered that he was resisting feeling “inadequate”, so we dealt with that and dis-created the identity he was running. (“Imagine running an identity of “feeling Inadequate” and running a business; no wonder his business was not going so well”). He was feeling so good about himself and confidant that he had dealt with the issue (because that was his experience) and that it was going to make a huge difference with this business; now he was NOT feeling “Inadequate”; (remember this was a hidden resisted feeling; an unknown; until HE discovered it while process) this put him back in his power again. He asked me if i could also process his 4 staff and he would pay for that. Guess what; the whole 4 people were resisting the same feeling!!! (“inadequate”) on their first consultation. During these consultations (one on one”) whatever happened was completely confidential; nothing was said to any of the other employees or the boss. Remember “LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE” it never ceases to amaze me when these type of things happen. I have been taking workshops when on many occasions we would have 4-5 different sessions going at the same time in different rooms and everyone was resisted the same feelings at the same time.

I am going to leave it at that; and cover in my next blog; “why labeling feelings is so important” and “what happens when you dis-create an identity”; and “how unconscious decisions we make can run our experiences in life”; also an example of how i created an identity to feel accepted. Once again thank you in advance for the great feedback i have had; and hope you enjoy this part 4. Have a great day and hope you are blessed with joy and happiness, LOL Murray


“Creating your own reality” (part 3)

Just recapping on my last post on this subject; i covered a little on negative beliefs and how they affect our life; and i gave you an example of how i created a belief that “i was dumb” and how it affected my life growing up.

In this blog i want to cover; “How we develop negative beliefs and the mechanism that holds those beliefs in place until they are properly dealt with”; and “how we develop a personality (Identity) to deal with those beliefs”.    I hope i can cover it all in one blog; here goes!!!

How we develop negative beliefs; to understand this you need to understand human nature; survival is the strongest instinct of man; both physical and emotional survival. The extreme; people kill to survival; that is how powerful this instinct is. The only difference between man and animals is that man has the power of reason; he has choices; and animals do not; animals live entirely on instinct. Having said that and being aware that we will go to great lengths to survive emotionally so we can function in the world and feel safe; here is how we develop resistances to the beliefs that we take on growing up.

I ask you; ”who in their right mind wants to feel; rejected, abandoned, helpless, powerless, hopeless, guilty, inadequate; out of control; not good enough; and the list goes on: nobody, right “; so when any of these feeling arise from these subconscious negative beliefs we hold; not wanting to feel them we go into our heads and resist them which is perfectly natural. Now remember i made the statement earlier that you can not feel while you are in your head thinking; because feeling is the gap between thoughts. This is why we go there; so we can not feel these horrible feeling; and keep them buried by a powerful emotion.

Here is how it works; someone says something to you that triggers a response; like “you are an idiot”; it immediately triggers a negative belief you hold about yourself that is deep in your subconscious; it may be a belief that you are inadequate or not good enough. Not wanting to feel “inadequate” or “not good enough” you react in response to this statement; whatever the response is; it is not really you; the spiritual being; it is an identity you have created over the years in response to this feeling; to deal with the feeling of inadequacy. Now here’s what happens when you get triggered; When you get triggered you immediately are taken out of your power; you lose control for a split second; then your survival instincts kick in and you want to get back in your power again because to feel inadequate you do not want to experience that; so you bury that feeling with an emotion that puts you back in your power; and then you make a decision about the experience that keeps that belief buried for ever until you deal with it in an appropriate way so it dis-creates and never returns. I will give you an example of this and the mechanism; You have an argument with your partner and you feel “rejected” the first thing men do generally to deal with rejection is they get angry because the feeling of rejection is HURT. Their anger puts them back in their power; because when they get triggered they always feel powerless at first; then comes the emotion to bury it. Once they are back in their power; which is only seconds away; they make a decision about the rejection; “i do not have to put up with this …..; i am out of here; or words to that effect. This is just an example; whatever the reaction it is not the real you, it is an identity that you have created over the years to deal with rejection. In most part these reactions are inappropriate and when you calm down; you can feel badly about your behavior. Different personalities respond in different ways; and depending on which one you have discovered serves you best; and get the attention you are seeking. Some people go away and sulk; others get depressed; there are a multitude of identities in our personalities; some of them serve us well and some of them do not.

So let us examine what i have written so far: We create identities to deal with negative feelings as we grow up; When we come into this world we are full of wonder and trust; depending on your parenting and experiences when you go to school; that wonderment and trust soon gets eroded by our home or outside experiences. We are taught to fear the world around us and we develop identities so we are accepted in our world at home and at school. (Every human being wants to be loved, liked and appreciated). These identities are a mask that we ware for the public to see; it is not the real you; the real you hides behind that mask and only allows a few people to see who you really are; it is called being vulnerable. Men have the hardest time with this one; i know it took me till i was in my mid 50’s before i could become vulnerable with my wife; vulnerability needs a lot of trust and a safe space to expose yourself. Not all identities are negative,( “i call them hates that you wear”) some serve you well; an example here is; when you are at work; you put your work hat on’ whatever work you do; watch someone’s voice change when they answer their bosses phone; she/he has his or her best hat on as a receptionist. You can have a boss who is a great father; but a lousy boss; every time he enters the work place he goes into his boss persona; then when he goes home he puts his father hat on.

So our personalities are developed by resisted feelings that we do not want to experience; this once again is human nature. But you have heard of the saying “what you resist will persist” Depending on the amount of resistance to a feeling; some of these identities will be more predominant than others and the negative identities are the things running your life. You attract to yourself; That – That you are; not That – That you want”. So having said that; this subject will be the discussion of my next blog following on to this one. “How we keep attracting the same kind of person in our lives; which is not serving us well”, with like attracting like, rejected identities always coming together; and do not go down well. Something to ponder till my next blog. As always, hope you enjoyed reading this as much as i did writing it; any comments are most welcome; have a great day; LOL Murray



2004-03-03 12.20.16                                                                                     This is quite long but i hope you will persevere and read it all.

My second marriage was a real spiritual growth period for me; my wife was into yoga, both spiritual Indian Guru teachings and the physical exercises. When we met it was instant past life recognition for me; i knew i would marry her the moment she sat next to me at a meet and greet parents day at a mobility instruction facility for the blind; she was teaching my blind 13-year-old daughter the white cane. It was not love at first sight; there was no sexual attraction; just a knowing recognition that we were going to spend a lot of time together on a long-term basis; it was very mechanical really. Our first date was meditating back at her place for an hour or two; she told me later that if i survived that session then i had a chance of having a relationship with her; i managed to survive for the next 23 years.

I am telling you all this for a reason; this is about past lives and seeing what is beyond the 3 dimensional world we live in. I used to call her “past lives” she was into it big time; i believed in past lives at that time but i had not had any manifested experiences to prove to me that they really existed. I would get annoyed at her some times because i had been in the business world most of my life till meeting her; and was more interested in the present and future rather than going into past life stuff.

We were doing a workshop in 1993; about 20 years ago when one evening after one of the workshops; (we were staying in a guesthouse for the week) laying on the bed together we started to automatically regress into past life experiences we had together that went on for most of the night. They went from happy experiences to scary ones and everything in between; come morning i was totally freaked out and exhausted; but my wife wanted to go on and i stopped it. These regressions had nothing to do with the workshop that we were doing; but some of the people in the workshop were in our past life experiences!!!

Since then i have had many recollections and experiences of meeting people and recognizing them from past lives; some of them go back to the biblical days. I was in China one day traveling along a road and suddenly burst into tears; recognizing the place and period of time i spent there; i had been there before. The same thing happened to me in Africa in Zimbabwe; my father was born in South Africa; and my grandfather ( an Australian) was in the Bore war. I bet you have been to a place you have never been before in this life time and said to yourself “This place seems familiar” but i know i have not been here, and dismissed the experience; or you may have twigged.

I also have had many out-of-body experiences over the years; that have shown me that we do not die; our physical body does; but our soul lives on. I do not want to get into any religious conflicts of interest here but i do like to put forth my own take on things. I do not belong to any religious group or belief system; i was raised as a christian; but i used to give the minister a hard time at Sunday school with my questions that he could not answer without me just believing him with blind faith. I know that we can manifest images and experiences with what we believe in; however i like to have an experience sometimes as to what really goes on in the unknown world of spirit. I had to be careful growing up about voicing what i experienced or i might have been put in a straight jacket; my minister used to say anything that was not in the bible was to be shunned.

Anyway i respect everyone’s belief systems and i know that they serve most people’s needs at any given point in time in their lives; i know my viewpoint has changed many times during my 70+ years of searching.

I have come to the conclusion that we do not have to die to go to heaven!!! Heaven and hell are right here on earth; you only need to walk down the street to experience either. The all-knowing; all-pervasive intelligent life force that flows through every living thing on this planet; does not discriminate between what belief system you belong to; or what color your skin is; you can call it god; spirit; whatever you wish; it does not change by its label; this life force comes from the center of our creator; whoever or whatever it may be; we are all connected at one level or another. Anyway that is my take on things; it can be quite a controversial subject; and the last thing i want to do is cause any controversy.

Living in the moment; the NOW!!! We have all heard about how it is so important to live this way; in present time; but how many people really understand what that means? And why is it so important to function this way as much as possible? This is probably my pet subject. let me make this statement;. to live in the moment you have to be in your feelings. What are feelings opposed to emotions? With feelings there is no movement; everything is still; when you touch something you feel it’s texture, temperature, etc; there is no movement only sensation. Emotion is energy that moves; to emote is movement; a powerful force; eg, anger, rage. Feeling is the gap between thoughts; between one thought and  another is feeling.  It is impossible to be in present time and in your mind consciously thinking; remember what i said that feeling is the gap between thoughts; I have repeated myself here for a reason. Just think about this; when you are in your mind consciously thinking; what are you referencing??? You are either referencing the past or the future!! Nothing to do with present time. Present time is what i call NO TIME; because when you are in present time there is no conscious memory of time until you reference a clock to tell you what time it is; time seems to stop still because it is present!!!; I am sure you all have experienced that; Sitting at your computer totally absorbed in your writing and next thing you look up and 3 or 4 hours have gone past in a flash; or you have had occasions where you have been totally engrossed in a conversation and 2 hours have gone by; and it seemed like 5 minutes while in these situations. After you have concluded your conversation  your energy seems to have gone up and you feel energized from the experience. Try this exercise; (when writing your blog and going really well and things are flowing; stop and try to do your writing from referencing past experiences from your conscious memory: watch your creative flow slow to a crawl!!!) Infinite intelligence operates when you are in your feelings; it is called intuition; it is never wrong if you follow it. However we are inclined to let the mind over ride our intuition; because that is the job of the mind; if you ask yourself a question the first answer that comes into your conscious mind is from your intuition; a split second later the mind wants to over ride the intuition’s answer; mainly because there is a hidden agenda behind the question and you did not like what your intuition was saying. I know you have all experienced this; one of my goals has been and still is to make decisions on my intuition and learn to trust my intuition more and more. This is harder for men than women; a work in progress for me because men come from logic and reason (mind) women access their feelings more naturally; men generally have to work on it; that has been my experience and observation. The good news is any profession or hobby that entails being create you are naturally in present time because when you are being creative you are accessing your feelings. When WRITING/ART/MUSIC/ anything creative that absorbs your entire attention on one thing will put you in your feelings and in touch with your intuition.

Going beyond the mind ; How do we do this?; Everyone does this on a regular basis naturally; but i am suggesting we do this deliberately and consciously; by quietening the mind of all thought which leaves a gap for you to experience your feelings and intuition. I will give you an exercise to do and then i will explain why it is so important to quieten your mind if you want to manifest anything in your life quickly and effortlessly; and lead a stress free life; being in charge of your mind instead of it being in charge of you.

Exercise: Get a candle and place it in a dish so you do not burn your house down; place the burning candle on a table about 18″ in front of you while sitting upright in a chair. Staring at the candle try not to blink as you gaze at the flame; then be aware of your breathing; focus on your in and out breath; when thoughts start to come in your mind; put your attention on the thoughts; then focus back on the candle; then back on your breathing again. Continue to do this exercise until you can sit there for 30 minutes without any conscious chatter coming in what so ever; thoughts like; (“i need to get the washing done”); or(“i should be doing something else”); negative stuff that is unwanted at this point. Intuitive thoughts will float in and out but do not latch onto them; just let them go; later on once you have mastered this you will get all the answers you want from your intuition during these exercises. Do this first thing in the morning and last thing at night; i did this exercise when i was 33 years old and in a bad space and shape. I lost 84 lbs in 6 months; stopped drinking immediately; which i had done for about 16 years (self confessed alcoholic) and straightened out my abusive marriage ( first marriage) and got my life turned around; basically just staring at a candle. I did not have to change any beliefs or my viewpoint in any way; I could sit for an hour with total silence; i still can sit for long periods and control the thoughts that i wish to enter my mind; at least keep out the negative chatter and allow the infinite intelligence to give me answers to questions i have been contemplating on. You see; you are either in charge of your mind or it is in charge of you; what  is your experience?

This is really turning out to be a long blog and i still have to cover more; i will leave it here and continue with part 3 next time.

Part 3 will cover the mind and its purpose; why it is so important to try to stay in present time as often as possible; plus an exercise using visualization being in present time to manifest whatever you desire. As always comments are welcomed; LOL Murray


My post today is about my souls experience in a human body journeying through this physical world; my journey of discovery of who I am and what my purpose is here in the physical world. As a young soul growing up I soon discovered it was not such a friendly place to be; the world around me was filled with aggression and hard work; love was conditional; I got it if I was a good boy and did as I was told. Both my parents were parenting with intimidation as a deterrent to try to control me and my inquisitive mind and rebellious nature. My childhood; which was none existent and my teenage years were not a pleasant time for me. I was brought up in a time where children were seen but not heard. I later discovered that us baby souls did not come with parenting instructions!! So once I started working on my issues about my childhood later in life I discovered that my parents were only doing what they knew how at the time because there was no instruction manual so they just parented the way that they were parented; which was pretty abusive; but something  must have been right as I did not turn out all that bad. They put me through a learning curve that later on in my mid forties help me to understand and help a lot of my patients in my clinic with their issue.

This is not about blaming parents for what is going on in your life right now; but if you got run over; you got run over; you can not deny that and make it OK; because it is not. These issues are unconscious issues that can interrupt your journey and cause huge problems; but can be addressed and the experience is life changing. All the experiences in my life both good and bad have proven to me that it is part of an overall plan that I decided to experience before I got here on this planet.

Someone said to me once that we choose our parents before we are born; I could not get my head around that statement until a few years ago. I use to say in reply to that statement; “if I had a choice of parents then they must have been the pick of a bad bunch”.

I have since experienced that my entire journey through life has been perfect for the things I needed to experience to allow me to do the work that I am doing now in helping people; because I have been blessed with the knowledge and wisdom from those experiences to help in so many ways.

I spent half my life trying to figure out what my purpose was in being here; I have tried to experience everything I could in work practices and spiritual enlightenment; searching for wisdom and peace; and I still practice certain things on a daily basis because it is so easily in this world of social media to get distracted and get off course a little.

My purpose in life is to help people in any way shape or form; I label that a healer; which encompasses body, mind and spirit. My main goal in life is to create JOY in my life; as opposed to happiness!!! Joy comes from the heart; it wells up inside you and is lasting; HAPPINESS comes from the mind and can be gone in a heart beat. To create JOY you need to practice gratitude on a daily basis; with gratitude comes JOY. Something to try; make a list and review it every day about the things you are grateful for and see how it works; good luck

Something to ponder on: The body is made up of about 80% water and the rest minerals; then who are we. Our body is a vibrating mass of protons, neutrons and electrons; vibrating at a viscosity that gives us the human form. All our organs and bones are vibrating at different viscosity’s that make up their shape and function.  Nothing is solid; it is all made of matter; which can not be destroyed; it can be transformed but not destroyed. My version about life is; we are a spiritual being having a human experience. A vibrating sphere of intelligent life force that carries all your life’s experiences of knowledge from life to life time; it enters the body at birth and leaves at death.

I will leave it there and carry on with the next blog of “a journey beyond the mind” Exploring the 4-5 dimensions.

Sorry this was a long blog, I am conscious of trying to keep them short but never seems to work out that way; that is a work in progress. Any comments are most welcome; LOl to all, Murray


My dream reader would be anyone who is interested in Natural Healing, Personal Development and Spiritual growth. All these subjects make up my life from starting out as a struggle; to a life now of peace and contentment; still growing and learning which is exciting and adventurous. I know that my subjects cover a wide area, but I have 70+ years of learning and experiencing life in general coming from a slow start in life to where I am today, living my life deliberately and creating my own reality; and that is still a work in progress; as each day brings new experiences and challenges; like trying to navigate around my new website. My dream reader also would be a person of great compassion; and empathy; love adventure and meeting new cultures and experiencing the unknown with excitement; not trepidation; I hope to connect with like-minded people to continue my journey into the unknown with excitement of wondering what is around the next corner I did not plan on. Any comments or feed back on any of my blogs is most welcome; I do not fear rejection; just appreciate positive constructive criticism; or complements; they always inspire. LOL Murray

Carrying on from post (part 1)

Affirmations and why they do not work. Now i can hear a lot of people saying; “I have used affirmations on many occasions for many years and they have worked really well”. What i am saying is that they are not a permanent fix; just a temporary reprieve.

Remember in part (1) about beliefs creating your reality; well try this one out.

Look in the mirror and think of anything you want to improve about yourself; lose weight; eat healthier; become a writer!!! whatever; then make an affirmation to suite the defect you think you need to improve.

Example: “I am fit and healthy”!!! or “I feel wonderful today”!!! and so on, anything at all you feel you want to improve about your self.

Take a long look at the affirmation and look at what it is telling you!!! It is telling you that whatever you are affirming you have an opposite belief to it! If you are looking in the mirror and saying ” I feel great” there is an unconscious belief saying “I feel lousy”!!! Otherwise why are you saying it in the first place!!!

Now if you tell yourself enough times you start to convince yourself that what you are affirming is working. Lets examine what is happening here which will explain where i am heading with this. You have an unconscious negative belief creating a problem in your life and you are trying to put a positive one on top of it. Now if you do this for long enough you are going to get some effect; until one day someone comes along and calls you an idiot or a dim-wit or takes a shot at your weight; or whatever it is that you are affirming in a positive way. You react; bang your anger comes up and you behave in an inappropriate manner; or you go away and sulk and get depressed; or any thing in-between!!! Or you do what i have done many times and just blocked it out!! either way it is not an appropriate way to deal with it because i still reacted; which means that, that negative belief is still well and happily sabotaging your life. You see there is always more energy on the negative belief than the positive one; because the negative belief is held in place by a powerful emotion ( anger or fear) which is being resisted by yourself and that is why the negative belief will always react until you deal with in an appropriate manner; which is the subject of another blog. The good news is you can diss-create these negative beliefs that never return again to run your life.

So where does this lead me in “creating my own reality” in a positive way? First of all if you understand how you managed to create “your negative circumstances”; then you are most of the way to being able to direct your life in a creating and lasting positive way; free of recurring negative events. By taking responsibility for your life and spend time by looking inwardly and working with the issues i am about to present to you in coming blogs. I will not say that creating harmony and peace in your life does not require effort on your part; because it does; however what i will say is it is definitely worth the effort. I will try to break these blogs into bit sized parts so as not to bombard you with too much to contemplate. I have a tendency to overload people with too much information and these blogs are a great learning curve for me to put everything into smaller readable compartments.

I have tried to explain this as simply as possible; knowing that some of you may not have been exposed to these ideas; where i also know that there are a lot of very aware people out there. The reason why i am telling you all this is; if you understand how you go broken then there is a way you can fix it.

let me just add a little thing here; if you think your life is going gang busters and you do not think you have any issues you need to deal with; then that is fine. However it has been my experience and I am sure that it has been the experience a millions of people all over the world that we only start to learn something by making mistakes and dealing with the consequences; we are here to grow as human beings and as we grow we become more in tune with our spiritual being within us. The way we do that is to work on ourselves first and then try to help others were appropriate. By the way; there is no such thing as a perfect human being; the spiritual being is perfect but not the human being; and trying to be a perfectionist is dooming yourself to a life of self-criticism; because you will never live up to your image of a perfection person; because there is not such thing; so what you are trying to do is the impossible and set yourself up for a life of disappointments and very controlling. I will cover this and more in my next blog coming up. Sorry for that side track but it just slipped out so i can cover it in my next blog!!!

My next blog is about “How we develop a controlling personality” by trying to be a perfectionist.  Once you become AWARE  of how you developed your personality and how you can make positive changes if you wish; your life can change for ever; I have seen it so many times and experienced it myself; i could not do my work if had not worked on myself first. Thank you for reading my blog; and as always comments are always welcomed. LOL Murray

I may have to write this in a couple of blogs so it is easier to read and not toooo much information in one hit.

Firstly; for some of you what i am about to say may be a little out there; all i ask you is to have an open mind about what i am about to tell you; remember the mind is like a parachute…….it only works when it is OPEN. So please read this with an open mind and if you do not agree with want i am about to tell you; then that is OK; but it is certainly a reality for me as i have managed to live my life deliberately and created some wonderful awesome experiences.

First of all ; let me say we create all our life’s experiences either deliberation or unconsciously by the BELIEFS we hold and the DECISIONS that we make about those beliefs.

Let me ask you a question: What comes first; belief or reality? If your answer is belief comes first; then you are correct. If you say; you need to see it before you believe it; then that is your belief; right !!! correct. So then belief always comes before reality.

This means that the beliefs that you hold about everything in your world effects your entire experiences; that is correct. So if your life is not going in the direction you want it to; then look inside and check out the beliefs you bold about the areas of your life that are not working so well for you; and maybe you need to make some adjustments.

Then you say i did not create this illness or bad circumstances i am experiencing now; sorry you did. This may not have been a deliberate creation but an unconscious belief hidden in your subconscious mind taken on when you were a child growing up.

Example: I took on a belief when i was about 5 years old that (i was dumb). How this came about was; after the second world war the schools were packed and one teacher would teach about 50 children with about 5-6 different grades in the one room. So most of my schooling was done by my mother who was a university graduate; she would get impatient when i could not read properly. She would say things like; “this is easy”; “you should be able to do this”; “concentrate”; i could feel her impatience and would go into OVERWHELM; everything would go blank; nothing in my mind. It was at this time i said to myself; “i must be dumb”; i should be able to do this. It was not till i was about 50 years old i realized what had occurred during my childhood; i had the experience when doing a workshop. (Also i had a test for dyslexia; which is an eye problem where you see words backwards; there are thousands of people with this condition; it is to do with the way light fragments hit the cornea of the eye. I have encounter many people with this condition; most of which were highly successful people with above average intelligence.) Sorry for that side track!!!

Having taken on “i am dumb”; i made a decision at some stage during my childhood that; “i was not dumb”; probable after someone called me a dummy. So i spent the next 50 odd years trying to prove to myself that “i was not dumb”!!! My anger about me being dumb buried that belief so deep it did not surface for 50 years when working on some of my issues during a workshop.

That decision i made by the way made me a fortune in money by the time i was 26 years old; i read just about every self help book on the planet; for both making money and trying to feel OK about myself; just to prove to myself and the world i “was not dumb”. However i was a very angry person in side; not a happy chappy; i did not know where that anger came from but it was there; i will explain about that i my next blog to continue.

I am telling you all this as an introduction as to how we create our own reality consciously or unconsciously; now let me explain another example of how not to try and make your life better; like so many personal development presenters advocate to do.

Why affirmations do not work: will cover this and much more in my next blog, soon

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