FEAR of the “Unknown” (A Souls Journey)

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Why do we fear the unknown?

This subject may seem obvious but there are some interesting aspects about this that I find fascinating.

To start with what is FEAR?

Fear is an emotion; and emotions bury FEELINGS. Fear like anger comes up after experiencing a FEELING; in most cases it takes a split second after feeling the feeling; then comes the FEAR to bury it. Feelings like helplessness, powerless; no one wants to feel feelings of a negative nature. Fear can be a good thing also; it can save your life; fright and flight in the case of a big bear confronting you in the woods.

We fear the unknown because we do not have any choices with an unknown. With a known we have choices; you can act on the information or choose to do nothing; but an unknown places you in a place of helplessness or powerlessness. The mind puts up pictures and your imagination goes wild not knowing what it is; (which makes you FEEL helpless!!!)

It is a perfectly normal human reaction to fear the unknown; what is ahead of me in the dark in a wild life reserve?? The pain I have in my stomach that the doctors cannot tell me what is causing it!! Is it cancer? Why can’t they tell me what it is? The imaginations kick in and thinks the worst.

Now an interesting thing about all this is that whatever the answer is to your questions; good or bad you are relieved to find out what it is; even if it is cancer; you are still relieved; “now you can try to do something about it” your power is restored again to some extent. In these circumstances most people still hand their power over to doctors to deal with it but at least they are relieved to know what it is; hence takes away the feeling of helplessness.
All this helplessness is subconscious of course; they just feel the fear; but now they have something else to contend with; they now feel they have some control over their destiny.

Take control over the UNKNOWN.
The future is an unknown; a lot of people consciously fear the future for many different reasons; some are born in war-torn countries; or under developed countries with unstable governments; or fear their financial future.

There are others that have isolated themselves in safe places and control every part of their lives to the last detail; these people do not fear the future “consciously” but “unconsciously” they do; because of the amount of effort they have put into trying to make their world safe and control everything around them. People who have a lot of money are afraid of losing it and the ones that do not have money fear because they may not be able to sustain their existence.

Embracing the UNKNOWN forces you to live in the NOW!!

Living in the moment means NOW!!! If you are in your head thinking you are not living in the NOW. If you are in your mind referencing anything; you can only be either in the past or the future, NOT the present. I use the word referencing because it is a conscious effort; as opposed to thought drifting in and out of the mind that is spontaneous; you can be in the NOW and have spontaneous thought popping in and out like we do when we are writing and being creative. We must be in our feelings to experience the NOW; and feeling is the gap between thoughts.

So planning every detail of any venture we take on (“other that constructing a building or material construction of any description”) is taking away any spontaneous action that allows you to be in present time. Planning too much sets up an expectation which sets you up for disappointment and does not allow you to experience the present moment; because you are too busy in your head trying to organize everything and you miss the present; the journey!!!

Life is a Journey; not arriving anywhere.
I have always been a person who is very curious and inquisitive and loves adventure; as I have got older my adventurous days have increased. It wasn’t until I became aware of dealing with the unknown that I made a conscious decision to challenge myself and make the unknown exciting and welcomed what was around the corner with excitement and enthusiasm. This way I live in the moment without any expectations of what might be round the corner; and do not set myself up for disappointments where possible.

EXAMPLE: It is funny; most people plan a holiday or their entire life and do so with great detail to see and do things that they have always wanted to do. In most cases these holidays NEVER pan out exactly the way they were supposed to; if you do all the things you had planned; there is no room for being spontaneous; in the NOW.

I love living in Asia (Thailand); and here you have to live in the NOW to stay alive; especially when driving which I do a lot of; then the challenge of crossing a road without getting run over!!! This keeps me in present time; no time to slacken off; it comes naturally!!

Ever taken off for a drive and had no plans for the day except to have a good time and nice drive? Start driving and then decide which direction you want to go. Stop by a wayside cafe and have a coffee and cake and then start driving with no particular destination and find a lovely place you had not been before; just allowed the day to unfold without any plans.           This is living in the now; allow things to unfold without planning everything and I guarantee you will have a better time without expectations than you ever will if you put expectations on the day.

So use UNKNOWN’S as an excuse for an adventure and challenge yourself to get excited about what is around the corner; and just allow everything to flow without expectations and your life will be filled with extreme adventures and exciting times.

I try not to plan any more than 6 months ahead; and when i do i only put in a skeleton plan; leave out the middle bits for the unknown; if i am traveling i book accommodation when i get here, or just book for one night and sort the rest out when i am there; i just allow things to flow; trust my intuition will lead you in the right direction.

Living on the edge is not for the faint heart-ed but it is worth it; it certainly makes me feel alive and rely on my intuition a lot which helps me to make the right choices.

I am past 71 now; my life is getting easier as it goes on; so i figure i must be doing something right. I feel a lot of gratitude in my life now; for past experiences and my present situation.  I try not to make anything bad; just accept everything as it is and make any event a lesson to grow and be grateful for what I have and create Joy in my life.

I hope you enjoy your venture into the great unknown with excitement and not trepidation.

please any comments are most welcome; and I hope you enjoyed my writing as much as I have writing it. Hope you are all experiencing some Joy and happiness in your lives; LOL Murray


“Crying” a “Feeling or Emotion?” (A Souls Journey)

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What is the difference between FEELING and EMOTION?

Big difference: Feeling has NO MOVEMENT; it is a SENSATION. When we feel something it gives us a sensation of, hot, cold, rough, smooth, soft, abrasive to name a few. It can also give us a sensation of awareness that something is wrong; or is exciting; or anticipation of something to come; I feel nothing!!! Is a feeling; no movement.

EMOTION: is a “POWERFUL FORCE THAT MOVES”. To emote is to move; like; fear, anger, crying are very powerful emotions that have a lot of energy moving them.

Now let us take crying for example: It is perfectly normal and healthy for humans to cry; in fact it releases chemicals that sedate the mind; the only problems with crying is if it is uncontrollable for a long length of time; that is not so healthy.

Crying is an Emotion; and also a FEELING!

WHY DO WE CRY: We can cry for a couple of reasons?

1) We grieve the LOSS of a loved one; which brings our energy down.
2) We can cry from JOY: which is uplifting for our energy.


What is the purpose for crying? When we are crying we cannot FEEL; the EMOTION blocks out the FEELING (pain) that is why when people cry they go in and out of that emotion; they cry for a while and when they stop they feel the pain again and start to cry again. Perfectly normal and healthy in the case of grieving a loved one. However when this grief continues on for an excessively prolonged period of time it is not so healthy for the person who is grieving.

Let me ask you a question? When we are crying; who are we crying for? (In the case of a lost loved one?)

Are you crying for them? NO; you are crying because YOU ARE GOING TO MISS THEM; you are crying out of self-pity; feeling sorry for yourself because you are left behind; Self-pity is a FEELING!!! CRYING is the EMOTION that blocks out the pain.
Now I am not making this bad; I am just telling you how it is; and it is perfectly normal human behavior; it is just that self-pity if indulged in over a long period of time is not healthy and puts us in the victim category which is not a nice place to be. There is always a grieving period after a loved one departs us; and everyone is different; but there should be a reasonable time allowed for people to grieve; if they do not grieve properly then suppressing this can lead to either physical or emotional ill health.
I have grieved many time in my life; and since being aware of the difference between crying and feeling self-pity; having this awareness I make a conscious decision to give myself permission to grieve for a certain length of time; and when I FEEL it is time to let go then I stop. Before I would suppress any emotions and suck it up; that is what men did when I was growing up.

A true story: about someone who kept onto self pity for 15 years.

I had an elderly gentleman come into my clinic one day and he told me he was depressed; ever since this wife died some 15 years ago; he felt depressed. We sat and chatted for a while and he told me about his wife and how much she had done for him when she was alive. It was not until she died that he realized just how much she had done for him; and he did not appreciate her enough while she was alive.
I pointed out to him that his wife would not have done the things she did if she did not love him very much. I also pointed out to him that he was feeling guilty and sorry for himself for not appreciating all the things she had done for him. I also told him that she would not be very happy seeing him like this; she would want him to start living again with the loving memory of her; without the guilt.

I then asked him; “how long are you going to continue feeling guilty and sorry for yourself?” I said to him “isn’t it time you let go of this guilt and self pity and start to appreciate your wife as she was?” He pondered for a while and then smiled; he just said “thank you”.

After a short while he said to me that he was feeling much better and assured me his guilt had gone; he went off happy and I never saw him again.

That experience was just as uplifting for me as it was for him; I never charged him for his visit; the experience was payment enough.

Well hope you enjoyed my blog as much as I have writing it. As usual any comments are most welcome and hope you are all having a great day full or joy and happiness; LOL Murray

“Mind Travel” (A Souls Journey)

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Mind Travel
This is a great subject, but I am not too sure how many people are interested in it!!!

I find it fascinating; anything to do with the 4th and 5th dimension is always an attraction for me. I find the three-dimensional world we live in gets boring once you have achieved what you basically want in life; (materially that is). We all live our lives differently; but we generally follow a certain pattern depending on our income. You get a new car and after a couple of months it is a second-hand car; you buy a new house and pretty soon the novelty wears off; it pretty much goes for all material things. We start out with a small car and then we upgrade to a bigger one and so on with every item we acquire is governed by what we can afford.

Then of course there are other goals we can aspire to which do not involve personal material things; like service to humanity; healing; personal growth; being of service in whatever field you aspire to; takes the attention off yourself and onto a greater good. This kind of goal is endless and should not get boring; but there are times when one needs a break from any occupation to bring you back to ground zero for a short rest and re-evaluation.

MIND TRAVEL: is different from “Astral Traveling”: The conscious and unconscious mind is like a transmitter and receiver; it puts out frequencies and also receives frequencies; just life your TV or Radio; you cannot see these frequencies but they exist; you can FEEL them if you tune yourself to do so. Like your TV or radio the mind can tune into different frequencies; everyone has their unique frequency vibration which can be tuned into. Generally this can be done faster with people you are close to; but once you get good at it you can tune into anyone; of course there is criteria to follow.

Firstly their location; the gender of that person; and anything you know about them is helpful and most importantly get into your FEELINGS. You do this with a STRONG FOCUS on the person or place and visualize the person or place in your mind’s eye; do not analyze the person or place; or do any mental exercise what so ever; relax and get beyond your conscious mind; this will allow you to FEEL. A very STRONG FOCUS puts you in your FEELINGS.
I am sure that you all have experienced putting your attention on someone and then the phone rings or you get an e-mail from that person; you are just tuning into them and they pick up on that inner phone call. I do it all the time; especially with my children; I know when my daughter is having a few dramas in her life; same with my son; and I have a few close friends I tune into their inner phone line; they are thousands of kilometers away; and I may not have called them for weeks; but when I do contact them; my intuition is spot on.

NOW; MIND TRAVEL: let me make this statement; “you are where your attention is!!!” It is as simple as that; this is all about AWARENESS; being aware of what we are doing every minute of the day. If you are sitting at home having a day off and your attention is somewhere else other than your surroundings; you are where your attention has taken you. Your attention is the sum of “who you are” at any moment in present time!!! Ever been talking to someone and they have a glazed look in their eyes; (especially small children) they are not with you; the light is on but no one is home; they are where their attention is.

Try doing a little exercise when it is appropriate for you. Get yourself comfortable where you will not be interrupted and put your attention on someone you know or love (that is not in your presence) and see if you can FEEL what is going on in their life at that moment; take note of the date and time and when you catch up with them ask them about what you experienced. Ask them if they were thinking of you around that time; chances are they were.

Now the cool part about all this is you do not have to pay for expensive plane rides or hotel bills; just get a travel brochure and get in a comfortable place and put your attention on the place you would like to go; and FEEL what it feels like to be there. Do that until you can FEEL the place and I guarantee if you decide to go there you will feel like; “you have already been there before”. Tuning into people is much easier; because they are not spruced up like a travel brochure; travel brochures sometimes can be misleading; but I am sure you get the idea.

A poem i have had with me for over 50 years about the mind; i would love to share it with you; it is called:  

“AS A MAN THINKITH” by James Allen.

As a man thinkith in his heart so is he

For man is mind and ever more he takes the tool of thought and shapes what he wills

Brings forth a thousand joys and a thousand ills

He thinks in secret and it comes to pass

Environment is but his looking-glass;

Hope you enjoyed this blog; if you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to ask; or just comment on my blog; feedback is always welcome. As always hope you are have a great day and your life is filled with joy and happiness. LOL Murray

A Souls Journey (Conflict Resolution)

                                  Conflict Resolution
This is a very effective way to resolve a conflict between two people; generally partners; however it can be with anyone. If you attempt this method on your own without a mediator then it is OK; however there are rules you must follow for it to work. I have used this method very effectively during the early days of my second marriage; this is when two couples generally find it difficult when still getting to know one another
Let me make this statement at the beginning; if you do not like what your partner is doing or saying; THEN IT IS YOUR PROBLEM: “NOT YOU’RE PARTNERS!!!” Having said that; if your partner buys into the argument; then it becomes their problem as well!!!
So how do we avoid the blame game?? Simple; when you have a conflict arise that you feel you need to deal with; make a decision about it and follow the instructions I am about to tell you.

• 1): You inform your partner that you wish to have some time out to discuss a matter that is bothering you; DO NOT SAY ANY MORE THAN THAT

• 2): You need to set a time aside to deal with your problem when you are not going to be interrupted by anyone.

• 3): Prepare a bath or spar if you have one; if not a very conducive area or space that is quiet; have low lighting and put candles all around; and nice smelling salts in water if having a bath.

• 4): We had a spar so I will instruct you on that; you improvise if you have not got a bath or spar. Sit at opposite ends of the bath or spar facing one another; or sit in a comfortable space not too far apart from one another facing each other.

• 5): During this whole procedure whoever is talking; the other person has to (SHUT UP AND LISTEN) until that person has finished what they are saying. NOW once there is silence from the speaker then the other person asks the question “HAVE YOU FINISHED?” Once they say yes; then it is the other person’s turn to respond; and the first speaker then has to SHUT UP AND LISTEN to the response. This procedure goes on back and forth until they are both satisfied that all their grievance are aired. Now it is most imperative that while one person is talking the other does not try to defend their actions and get into a debate; they must wait their turn to talk. Some times when there is a lot of animosity a mediator can be used to make sure that the rules are adhered to; (of course that would not apply when having a bath or spar!!!)

• 6:) Now once you are satisfied that you have exhausted your grievances then start to tell each other what you “like about them!!!” Using the same rules as the first procedure. Keep going back and forth until all is exhausted and generally I have found the end result is very satisfying.

You see most people in a conflict talk “at one another” and no one listens “to one another”. This method allows both parties to be heard; also most of the time what you do not like in someone else is generally a reflection of part of yourself being reflected back to you. People in conflict want to blame the other person so they do not have to take responsibility for their own actions, once you blame then you do not have to feel the pain.

In the early part of my second marriage we used this method a lot; we both understood the importance of taking responsibility and not blaming. I would just say to my wife; I need to take a bath with you tonight; she knew what the procedure was and nothing more was said till bath time. There are many ways to deal with conflict; this is just one of them that I have found very effective that you can try on your own without a mediator.

I also train practitioners in a very fast, effective and non-threatening way of dealing with any kind of conflict, depression, upsets, phobias, and dis-creating unwanted identities; any obstacle that stops people from living a joyful and happy life. My method of training is; you need to experience the process yourself; clear out your own obstacles; to be able to know what the other person is experiencing to help them.
Well I hope you have enjoyed my writings and any comment are always welcome; I hope you are having a joyful and happy life; till the next time; LOL Murray

A Souls Journey (How the Mind Works Part 2)

How The Mind Works: I published in my last post (Creating Your Reality) about the mind having two jobs; (1) it put up pictures; (2) its job was to keep us trapped in the physical world of materialism. I covered the first job about putting up pictures; now i will cover the second job of the mind.

This is by no means religious based; i do not belong to any belief system; however i do believe in a creator; whoever that may be; or what ever that may be. I believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Human beings have a human nature which is created from this material world and survival instincts. Everyone wants to be loved; liked & appreciated; it is part of our human nature; humans will also do anything to survive; if necessary they will kill to survive; which is not much different from an animal; except a human has the power to reason; where animals live on instinct alone. Now when we are acting out inappropriately that is the human side of us that is in charge; and likes to be in control. “While you are in your mind consciously thinking then the mind it is control”; unless you have learned to control your mind; because either “you are in charge of it”; or “it is in charge of you”.

“Do you have endless chatter going on that does not want to cease?” Or “can you quieten the mind and only allow the thoughts you choose to come in?”

It was necessary for me to clarify that because i am going to suggest to you some things which you need to be open-minded about. These things i have personally experienced and continue to experience on a daily basis. You do not need to change whatever belief system you are currently following; so feel perfectly safe in that knowledge. I use the word SPIRIT as a label that covers the “unseen, infinite, intelligent life force” that flows through every living thing; you can label it whatever you want; but that is how i refer to it (Spirit). The Spiritual realms lay beyond the mind; where infinite intelligence exists in the fourth and fifth dimensions; that is where your intuition lives, and your mind can not go there. It has no control over you once you are above the three-dimensional world. When in the upper worlds you have thought coming in that flows; you feel the words as you write them; when creatively writing; but no unwanted chatter or forced distractions. The mind uses your censers to keep you distracted and trapped; like, sight, sound, smell, touch, fear of the unknown; to keep you in the mental realm and in this material world of illusion. To get beyond the mind in the realm of Spirit and live in the NOW you need to quieten the mind so you can connect with your feelings. Think about this; when you are in your head thinking you can not feel; that is the reason why we escape there; who wants to feel all these terrible feeling that we humans experience living in this physical world; (feelings like; inadequacy; helplessness; hopelessness; disappointment; failure; the list goes on); so we need a coping mechanism to help us survive emotionally. This works for a while in some people till it gets too much and they finish up with a nervous breakdown or a verity of mental illnesses. I HATE using that label; the medical profession us it but i do not like that label; because it does not reflect the spiritual being; it just reflects the label that people put on the human being and the identity it has created to cope. When i am doing my healing work i communicate with the spiritual being (their soul awareness) not to the human identity.

Have you ever considered what stress really is? It is your mind “out of control”; what is the opposite of “out of control”; being “in control”. Not being controlling; that is a different thing all together.

So how do we deal with this mind: Well for starters whenever something comes into your mind you do not like; tell is to go, very firmly; use whatever colorful language you wish; talk to it as though you were talking to anyone; but say it with authority; the attitude; i am in charge here, not you. Now if it does not go or comes back after a few seconds; keep telling it to go and you will find it goes. I do this all the time; but i rarely need to do it twice any more or very often.

Walking between the worlds:

Going beyond the mind into the endless world of spirit; we all do it but may not realize the mechanism by which it is done. You need to calm the mind; which can be done a few ways; you can sit quietly and focus on a lit candle about 18″ away from yourself; or start doing something creative; listening to your favorite music, writing, singing, painting, anything that requires your creative skills puts you beyond the mind. While you are in these states it is what we call NO TIME; because we are fully in present time. This is the state where you can access infinite intelligence and get the answers you need for anything you desire; it is also the place of great healing’s. When i am writing, the words flow so fast i can not type quick enough; if i have to start reverting to my memory for something; the flow slows right down or completely stops. Orchestral conductors have the longest longevity of any profession in the world; because they spend most of their time in the now; in their feelings conducting music.; the mind drains your energy; SPIRIT lifts it up.

There are countless recordings where our famous inventors and scientists have made remarkable discoveries after taking a short nap; to wake up with the answers they required for their inventions. Going beyond the mind by taking a nap allowed them to access infinite intelligence for the answers to their problem.

Ask yourself a question; the first answer that comes in is your intuition; it is always first; then the mind comes in and wants to overrule the answer that your intuition gave you. It tries to convince you that the first answer is wrong. I bet there is not one person who has not experienced this: then you go along with your mind; and then it turns out that your first answer was right all along and you are kicking yourself!!! I have learned to trust my intuition more and more as i have got older and my life has become a lot more peaceful and joyous.

It is impossible to stay in present time all the time; because of the world we live in and interactions with other people keep us in this physical world. However we can certainly spend a great deal of time creating whatever world we want to. If you are in the healing business or welfare, writing or any profession that takes the attention off yourself and put it on the other person then this keeps you in present time.

This has been a long blog; hope you managed to read it all; i could have expanded more but believe it or not i tried to make it as short as possible. Hope you liked it and any questions of comments are most welcome; have a great day filled with joy and happiness; LOL Murray

A Souls Journey (Creating Your World)

The Parenting game 2

This is a simple way to create whatever you want in life; and you only need to do it once; if you do it right!!! I need to explain the mechanism behind what i am about to tell you; because if you do not understand it then you are going to reject what i am about to tell you; and then you will miss out on a valuable tool.The explanation of the exercise is short and simple; but the reasons why you need to understand the mechanism is a lot longer; please bear with me!!!

Setting goals; if your experiences of the past have been; not achieving what you set out to do; then that registers in your subconscious as a failure. Everyone is different and everyone wants different things; so be realistic; by setting achievable goals that FEEL good to you; not just SOUND good. I think that the hardest thing for some people is; knowing what they really want. Once you have established what you really want then you are 90% there.

Your subconscious mind is a reference library; everything you have ever done in this life time and past life times is recorded there; so if you reference your past which has a lot of failure; “what do you think of the chances that you are going to succeed this time around”? Every time you have to make a decision about anything you automatically go to your reference library and see if anything matches; because you need to feel comfortable and safe; if you can not find a match; then you will search for something that sounds like a match; if that does not work then you toss it out. The same process will take place judging what i am saying now; i just hope you will have an open mind; this process is simple and works; sometime instantly; i can quote hundreds of incidences that have happened to me.

Now the conscious mind has two major jobs; (1) it just puts up pictures; (2) it keep you trapped in the conscious mind and physical world). Lets just deal with the pictures for now, the other is a whole blog of its own.

The only way you can create anything is in PRESENT TIME; If you are in your head thinking then you can not be in present time; you are either referencing the past or the future; not the present. You must be in your feelings to be in present time; (i have spoken about this in past blogs; Cosmic Guardian); FEELING is the gap between thought; so if you are in your head then it is impossible to create anything of any substance; except past experiences.

Now: we are going to trick your mind and create whatever you wish by using your visualization skills and your feelings. You only need a window of a few seconds to create; firstly sit quietly where you will not be disturbed. Focus on what it is that you want; wait for a picture to appear of your desire; then FEEL what is feels like to have that. (If you can not feel what it feels like you are still coming from your mind); persist till you can feel what it is that you are looking at; once you can do that then you have created it and there is no further need to put your attention on it again; if you do it right you will always be able to see yourself achieving what you want. After doing this exercise just follow your intuition that will lead you to your goal; it works. I have done it many time; people will appear to help you and you have a knowing that it is going to happen, because you have felt it and it is your experience of success, created by you.

Sorry this has been a long one but necessary; i still haven’t worked out how to give you a small sample first and read more…my learning curve. Hope you all have a Joyful and happy day and hope you enjoyed my blog; any comments are most welcome; LOL Murray


2015-01-17 08.33.03Hi; my name is Murray and i am a healer & facilitator of  “life changing techniques”; my writings are about health and healing; and methods you can learn to help heal yourself and other people. It is my goal to impart as much knowledge as i can to like-minded people who are either interest in learning new healing techniques or looking to turn their life around in a positive way.

My main interest is working with people who want to learn how this technique works; people who want to help themselves and better their experiences in life; like “leading a stress free life”;  “Having a wonderful intimate relationship”; “Attracting the right people into your business or personal life”; “Resolving past issues for good”  “resolving phobias”; just a few examples.

Life is a journey–not a destination;

My goal in life is to make a positive difference in as many peoples lives as i can; in this lifetime. I want to connect with as many people as i can that are interested in creating peace; joy and happiness in their lives. I look forward to meeting any new people where we can be of mutual assistance to each other. If you wish to contact me you can through my e-mail address below; or make a comment on this page. I hope you have a joyous and happy life; LOL Murray

Remember: “Happiness” comes from the mind and can be gone in a heart beat; “Joy” wells up from the “HEART” and can last a life time” If you want to create JOY in your life; practice GRATITUDE; be grateful for the things you have; not focus on the things you do not have; and see how your life starts to take a turn for the better; make a list and practice this every day for a month and then you will do it for ever. Let me know how you go with it. LOL Murray