FEAR of the “Unknown” (A Souls Journey)

The Parenting game 2

Why do we fear the unknown?

This subject may seem obvious but there are some interesting aspects about this that I find fascinating.

To start with what is FEAR?

Fear is an emotion; and emotions bury FEELINGS. Fear like anger comes up after experiencing a FEELING; in most cases it takes a split second after feeling the feeling; then comes the FEAR to bury it. Feelings like helplessness, powerless; no one wants to feel feelings of a negative nature. Fear can be a good thing also; it can save your life; fright and flight in the case of a big bear confronting you in the woods.

We fear the unknown because we do not have any choices with an unknown. With a known we have choices; you can act on the information or choose to do nothing; but an unknown places you in a place of helplessness or powerlessness. The mind puts up pictures and your imagination goes wild not knowing what it is; (which makes you FEEL helpless!!!)

It is a perfectly normal human reaction to fear the unknown; what is ahead of me in the dark in a wild life reserve?? The pain I have in my stomach that the doctors cannot tell me what is causing it!! Is it cancer? Why can’t they tell me what it is? The imaginations kick in and thinks the worst.

Now an interesting thing about all this is that whatever the answer is to your questions; good or bad you are relieved to find out what it is; even if it is cancer; you are still relieved; “now you can try to do something about it” your power is restored again to some extent. In these circumstances most people still hand their power over to doctors to deal with it but at least they are relieved to know what it is; hence takes away the feeling of helplessness.
All this helplessness is subconscious of course; they just feel the fear; but now they have something else to contend with; they now feel they have some control over their destiny.

Take control over the UNKNOWN.
The future is an unknown; a lot of people consciously fear the future for many different reasons; some are born in war-torn countries; or under developed countries with unstable governments; or fear their financial future.

There are others that have isolated themselves in safe places and control every part of their lives to the last detail; these people do not fear the future “consciously” but “unconsciously” they do; because of the amount of effort they have put into trying to make their world safe and control everything around them. People who have a lot of money are afraid of losing it and the ones that do not have money fear because they may not be able to sustain their existence.

Embracing the UNKNOWN forces you to live in the NOW!!

Living in the moment means NOW!!! If you are in your head thinking you are not living in the NOW. If you are in your mind referencing anything; you can only be either in the past or the future, NOT the present. I use the word referencing because it is a conscious effort; as opposed to thought drifting in and out of the mind that is spontaneous; you can be in the NOW and have spontaneous thought popping in and out like we do when we are writing and being creative. We must be in our feelings to experience the NOW; and feeling is the gap between thoughts.

So planning every detail of any venture we take on (“other that constructing a building or material construction of any description”) is taking away any spontaneous action that allows you to be in present time. Planning too much sets up an expectation which sets you up for disappointment and does not allow you to experience the present moment; because you are too busy in your head trying to organize everything and you miss the present; the journey!!!

Life is a Journey; not arriving anywhere.
I have always been a person who is very curious and inquisitive and loves adventure; as I have got older my adventurous days have increased. It wasn’t until I became aware of dealing with the unknown that I made a conscious decision to challenge myself and make the unknown exciting and welcomed what was around the corner with excitement and enthusiasm. This way I live in the moment without any expectations of what might be round the corner; and do not set myself up for disappointments where possible.

EXAMPLE: It is funny; most people plan a holiday or their entire life and do so with great detail to see and do things that they have always wanted to do. In most cases these holidays NEVER pan out exactly the way they were supposed to; if you do all the things you had planned; there is no room for being spontaneous; in the NOW.

I love living in Asia (Thailand); and here you have to live in the NOW to stay alive; especially when driving which I do a lot of; then the challenge of crossing a road without getting run over!!! This keeps me in present time; no time to slacken off; it comes naturally!!

Ever taken off for a drive and had no plans for the day except to have a good time and nice drive? Start driving and then decide which direction you want to go. Stop by a wayside cafe and have a coffee and cake and then start driving with no particular destination and find a lovely place you had not been before; just allowed the day to unfold without any plans.           This is living in the now; allow things to unfold without planning everything and I guarantee you will have a better time without expectations than you ever will if you put expectations on the day.

So use UNKNOWN’S as an excuse for an adventure and challenge yourself to get excited about what is around the corner; and just allow everything to flow without expectations and your life will be filled with extreme adventures and exciting times.

I try not to plan any more than 6 months ahead; and when i do i only put in a skeleton plan; leave out the middle bits for the unknown; if i am traveling i book accommodation when i get here, or just book for one night and sort the rest out when i am there; i just allow things to flow; trust my intuition will lead you in the right direction.

Living on the edge is not for the faint heart-ed but it is worth it; it certainly makes me feel alive and rely on my intuition a lot which helps me to make the right choices.

I am past 71 now; my life is getting easier as it goes on; so i figure i must be doing something right. I feel a lot of gratitude in my life now; for past experiences and my present situation.  I try not to make anything bad; just accept everything as it is and make any event a lesson to grow and be grateful for what I have and create Joy in my life.

I hope you enjoy your venture into the great unknown with excitement and not trepidation.

please any comments are most welcome; and I hope you enjoyed my writing as much as I have writing it. Hope you are all experiencing some Joy and happiness in your lives; LOL Murray


“Crying” a “Feeling or Emotion?” (A Souls Journey)

The Parenting game 2

What is the difference between FEELING and EMOTION?

Big difference: Feeling has NO MOVEMENT; it is a SENSATION. When we feel something it gives us a sensation of, hot, cold, rough, smooth, soft, abrasive to name a few. It can also give us a sensation of awareness that something is wrong; or is exciting; or anticipation of something to come; I feel nothing!!! Is a feeling; no movement.

EMOTION: is a “POWERFUL FORCE THAT MOVES”. To emote is to move; like; fear, anger, crying are very powerful emotions that have a lot of energy moving them.

Now let us take crying for example: It is perfectly normal and healthy for humans to cry; in fact it releases chemicals that sedate the mind; the only problems with crying is if it is uncontrollable for a long length of time; that is not so healthy.

Crying is an Emotion; and also a FEELING!

WHY DO WE CRY: We can cry for a couple of reasons?

1) We grieve the LOSS of a loved one; which brings our energy down.
2) We can cry from JOY: which is uplifting for our energy.


What is the purpose for crying? When we are crying we cannot FEEL; the EMOTION blocks out the FEELING (pain) that is why when people cry they go in and out of that emotion; they cry for a while and when they stop they feel the pain again and start to cry again. Perfectly normal and healthy in the case of grieving a loved one. However when this grief continues on for an excessively prolonged period of time it is not so healthy for the person who is grieving.

Let me ask you a question? When we are crying; who are we crying for? (In the case of a lost loved one?)

Are you crying for them? NO; you are crying because YOU ARE GOING TO MISS THEM; you are crying out of self-pity; feeling sorry for yourself because you are left behind; Self-pity is a FEELING!!! CRYING is the EMOTION that blocks out the pain.
Now I am not making this bad; I am just telling you how it is; and it is perfectly normal human behavior; it is just that self-pity if indulged in over a long period of time is not healthy and puts us in the victim category which is not a nice place to be. There is always a grieving period after a loved one departs us; and everyone is different; but there should be a reasonable time allowed for people to grieve; if they do not grieve properly then suppressing this can lead to either physical or emotional ill health.
I have grieved many time in my life; and since being aware of the difference between crying and feeling self-pity; having this awareness I make a conscious decision to give myself permission to grieve for a certain length of time; and when I FEEL it is time to let go then I stop. Before I would suppress any emotions and suck it up; that is what men did when I was growing up.

A true story: about someone who kept onto self pity for 15 years.

I had an elderly gentleman come into my clinic one day and he told me he was depressed; ever since this wife died some 15 years ago; he felt depressed. We sat and chatted for a while and he told me about his wife and how much she had done for him when she was alive. It was not until she died that he realized just how much she had done for him; and he did not appreciate her enough while she was alive.
I pointed out to him that his wife would not have done the things she did if she did not love him very much. I also pointed out to him that he was feeling guilty and sorry for himself for not appreciating all the things she had done for him. I also told him that she would not be very happy seeing him like this; she would want him to start living again with the loving memory of her; without the guilt.

I then asked him; “how long are you going to continue feeling guilty and sorry for yourself?” I said to him “isn’t it time you let go of this guilt and self pity and start to appreciate your wife as she was?” He pondered for a while and then smiled; he just said “thank you”.

After a short while he said to me that he was feeling much better and assured me his guilt had gone; he went off happy and I never saw him again.

That experience was just as uplifting for me as it was for him; I never charged him for his visit; the experience was payment enough.

Well hope you enjoyed my blog as much as I have writing it. As usual any comments are most welcome and hope you are all having a great day full or joy and happiness; LOL Murray

“Mind Travel” (A Souls Journey)

The Parenting game 2

Mind Travel
This is a great subject, but I am not too sure how many people are interested in it!!!

I find it fascinating; anything to do with the 4th and 5th dimension is always an attraction for me. I find the three-dimensional world we live in gets boring once you have achieved what you basically want in life; (materially that is). We all live our lives differently; but we generally follow a certain pattern depending on our income. You get a new car and after a couple of months it is a second-hand car; you buy a new house and pretty soon the novelty wears off; it pretty much goes for all material things. We start out with a small car and then we upgrade to a bigger one and so on with every item we acquire is governed by what we can afford.

Then of course there are other goals we can aspire to which do not involve personal material things; like service to humanity; healing; personal growth; being of service in whatever field you aspire to; takes the attention off yourself and onto a greater good. This kind of goal is endless and should not get boring; but there are times when one needs a break from any occupation to bring you back to ground zero for a short rest and re-evaluation.

MIND TRAVEL: is different from “Astral Traveling”: The conscious and unconscious mind is like a transmitter and receiver; it puts out frequencies and also receives frequencies; just life your TV or Radio; you cannot see these frequencies but they exist; you can FEEL them if you tune yourself to do so. Like your TV or radio the mind can tune into different frequencies; everyone has their unique frequency vibration which can be tuned into. Generally this can be done faster with people you are close to; but once you get good at it you can tune into anyone; of course there is criteria to follow.

Firstly their location; the gender of that person; and anything you know about them is helpful and most importantly get into your FEELINGS. You do this with a STRONG FOCUS on the person or place and visualize the person or place in your mind’s eye; do not analyze the person or place; or do any mental exercise what so ever; relax and get beyond your conscious mind; this will allow you to FEEL. A very STRONG FOCUS puts you in your FEELINGS.
I am sure that you all have experienced putting your attention on someone and then the phone rings or you get an e-mail from that person; you are just tuning into them and they pick up on that inner phone call. I do it all the time; especially with my children; I know when my daughter is having a few dramas in her life; same with my son; and I have a few close friends I tune into their inner phone line; they are thousands of kilometers away; and I may not have called them for weeks; but when I do contact them; my intuition is spot on.

NOW; MIND TRAVEL: let me make this statement; “you are where your attention is!!!” It is as simple as that; this is all about AWARENESS; being aware of what we are doing every minute of the day. If you are sitting at home having a day off and your attention is somewhere else other than your surroundings; you are where your attention has taken you. Your attention is the sum of “who you are” at any moment in present time!!! Ever been talking to someone and they have a glazed look in their eyes; (especially small children) they are not with you; the light is on but no one is home; they are where their attention is.

Try doing a little exercise when it is appropriate for you. Get yourself comfortable where you will not be interrupted and put your attention on someone you know or love (that is not in your presence) and see if you can FEEL what is going on in their life at that moment; take note of the date and time and when you catch up with them ask them about what you experienced. Ask them if they were thinking of you around that time; chances are they were.

Now the cool part about all this is you do not have to pay for expensive plane rides or hotel bills; just get a travel brochure and get in a comfortable place and put your attention on the place you would like to go; and FEEL what it feels like to be there. Do that until you can FEEL the place and I guarantee if you decide to go there you will feel like; “you have already been there before”. Tuning into people is much easier; because they are not spruced up like a travel brochure; travel brochures sometimes can be misleading; but I am sure you get the idea.

A poem i have had with me for over 50 years about the mind; i would love to share it with you; it is called:  

“AS A MAN THINKITH” by James Allen.

As a man thinkith in his heart so is he

For man is mind and ever more he takes the tool of thought and shapes what he wills

Brings forth a thousand joys and a thousand ills

He thinks in secret and it comes to pass

Environment is but his looking-glass;

Hope you enjoyed this blog; if you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to ask; or just comment on my blog; feedback is always welcome. As always hope you are have a great day and your life is filled with joy and happiness. LOL Murray

Labeling Feelings (A Souls Journey)

The Parenting game 2

1) Why is it so important to label feelings?

2) Why is it so important to understand the decisions we make about those feelings; and the consequences that those decisions make on our lives?

Human beings relate and interact through their emotions and feelings; either consciously or unconsciously. I have stated this on many occasions that the greatest desire for all humans is to be “loved, liked & appreciated”.

All our actions that we do during the course of a day, a week or year are taken with the aforesaid intention of accomplishing that goal.

Resisted feelings; these are feelings that we do not want to experience and are the hidden (unknowns) that can cause us a lot of grief. By resisting these feelings we start a game in motion that keeps on playing out in our lives until we decide to do something about it.

For example; resisting rejection for instance sets up two forces; one which wants to express itself; the other which wants to oppose it. There is a law; “what we resist will persist” and so the game plays on. Now the person who is resisting is totally unaware of their actions; these feelings are buried so deep that they take a lot of discovering and (the feeling) is held in place by strong emotions and a decision that was made about the experience.

I want to relate an experience about a client I processed approximately 12 years ago which comes to mind as a great example of a resisted feeling and the decision that was made about that feeling which influenced that person’s life for over 13 years.

The person in question; (“his name is not mentioned and I know he would not mind me mentioning his case”); (I treat all clients information strictly confidential).
This person was referred to me by one of my clients. When he came into my treatment room he was carrying a small box filled with vitamin tablets of all descriptions. He had a digestive problem that he had tried to resolve through many different means over a long time; when I quizzed him about when these problems first started he informed me that it was after he broke up with his fiance about 12 years before. So I asked him if he was willing to take responsibility for his digestive problem by working on his emotional attachment to the break up; he agreed so we proceeded with remarkable results.

The story goes like this; he was a Greek lad about 35 years old; his father died when he was young and was raised mainly by his mother. He was a bit of a womanizer; loved his soccer and didn’t mind a drink; he got engaged to a non-Greek woman which did not go down well with his mother. The mother got to the girl and told her she could not marry her boy because she was not Greek; the girl broke off the engagement and broke the guy’s heart.
This is when the digestive problems started; and for many years he tried everything to resolve the problem; both orthodox western medicine and natural remedies without success. He finished up joining a church; (not Greek Orthodox) he stopped drinking, he stopped going out with women and he stopped playing soccer. His mother was not happy about him joining another church; she was so unset she wanted her, drunken, womanizer, soccer playing boy back.
We processed the breakup with his girlfriend and he found the resisted feeling which was “REJECTION”; It took him some time but he found it eventually. Now the interesting thing about all these resisted feelings is the decision we make about the incident; after finding the resisted feeling and dissolved it; I got him to revisit the break up again and tell me what he said to himself; he told me; “I am never going to get close to anyone again”. So here he was many years later, single, no girlfriend, digestive problems and he attached himself to a church, because subconsciously he knew the church was not going to reject him.
I got him to look at the decision he had made and  how it had effected him over the past 12 odd years; how it has influenced his life since his break up and he could see exactly what had happened. An “unknown becomes a known”; and a healing takes place.

Within a couple of weeks his digestive problem resolved itself; he soon had a girlfriend again and he started playing soccer; and I am sure his mom was over the moon about the turn around. I saw him one more time after that just to make sure we did not miss anything and this was when I found out a lot of the background I have related.

Here is how it works: To find a resisted feeling; (an unknown) what I do is just ask the client if they have an issue they wish to work on; an upset or re-occurring event in their life that is effecting their happiness. Once they have decided what they wish to work on; I tell them; “I do not want to know a things about what you are working on”; “my job is just to keep you in present time and stop you from going into your mind analyzing everything”. The person has to be in their feelings to find what they are looking for; while someone is in the head thinking they cannot feel; feeling is the gap between thoughts. The reason why we go into our head thinking; so we can not feel!!! That is what stress is all about!!

Now I get them to close their eyes and visualize the event they want to work on; then I ask them; “let me know when they are their”, (at the scene); once I get a reply; all I want them to tell me is; what they are feeling right now; not to analyze what they think about the event; just what they are feeling when they look at the scene and label the feelings as and when they come up. As the feelings arise I get the client to fully experience the feeling and let them dissolve; if they have labelled the feeling correctly that feeling dissolves and another one may take its place until we get to the main feeling that is holding the upset in place. In upsets there are a number of feelings, but only one holds the upset together. You see when we get triggered in an upset there is always one feeling that starts the drama; “the must not experience feeling”; and only the client can evaluate that for themselves; and how they do that is simple. When a person hits a major feeling that triggered an event then that whole event becomes erased from any feeling what so ever. The event still happened of course but there is no more energy on that event; now this can be anything from sexual abuse to rejection. The person who is running this process (the client) experiences the lifting of the pain and when they revisit the scene they were working on there is no pain or feelings of any description what so ever; it has no energy over the person; it is their experience; not me telling them anything. This process can take from 20 minutes to 1-2 hours; depending on how much the client is resisting.

Now as I stated in the beginning; the resisted feeling is an unknown; we only fear the unknown; not the known. Once we know what it is that is causing us grief then we can do something about it; we have choices; the unknown is the cause of stress and anguish and we have no choices. So labeling feeling has a great importance on our ability to resolve resisted feeling and the effect they have in our lives.

The down side of telling you all this is you cannot process yourself; because there is too much resistance to go where you need to go. You need a trained practitioner to be able to keep a client out of his/her head (thinking) while they try to find the feeling they are resisting. I am giving you a word lesson here; “we do not hold what we are told”; “we only hold what we experience.” This process is an experience that the client has and he/she is in charge; he/she is empowered and that is why the process works; it is their discovery; not something I tell them; but they must be guided through the process very carefully to get where they need to resolve the problem. This process is perfectly safe; if a person feels threatened at all they will not be able to process; because they need to feel safe; this is the job of the practitioner to make it safe so they can process effectively.
So now you understand why it is so important to be able to label feelings; and you see how decisions we make either consciously or unconsciously can shape our lives for the good or detriment of the person.
Hope you enjoyed my blog as much as I did writing it and as usual any comments or feedback is most welcomed. Hope you are enjoying a great day and a joyous and happy life; LOL Murray

Celestial Traveler (A Souls Journey)

Galactic Travel

Story about a celestial traveler holidaying on earth.

“In a far off galaxy in the middle of the universe, there lives a group of beings called

“The Time Lords”, who watch over all creation. They are responsible for maintaining the evolution of all life forms throughout their domain. Every so often each one goes on vacation.

One of them was called “Crobe”, and his turn came up to have a holiday. So, he contacted his galaxy travel agent to see what was available. “Well Crobe, his travel agent said, “we have on the outer edges of our own star system the “Red” planet, where you can just lay back and enjoy every pleasure in existence.”

Crobe replied; “I went there last time and it is wonderful, but I want something move exotic;” Well then, how about the “Green” planet in the start cluster 401, where you just lay back in the mist of perfect tranquility and peace; very popular at the moment”; “No”, Crobe answered, “I want something more challenging.”

The travel agent looked thoughtful for a moment, then said. “Ah, I think I have just the thing for you. In the far reaches of the universe there is a very small star cluster called the “Milky Way”; God knows where they got the name from. In it, there is this “Blue” planet where you can play lots of games with yourself, and other “Time Lords” who are on holiday there. The principal game is “hide and seek; very popular with everyone who goes there; and before you go, you get to select how many lifetimes you want, and which principle game you play in each life. As there is no time in our dimension, you can have any number of lifetimes. Then, once there, you give up all memory of who you are, so that you can seek yourself with each life game.

Between games you get to select which principal game you want to play in finding yourself for the next one, as well as what gender you want. With each life time game, there are a couple of very funny games called “families and relationships”. “You’ll get a million laughs out of those ones.”

Crobe looked interested. “This sounds great. Tell me some of the other games I can play while I’m trying to find myself”.
“Well, there is quite a list of them; and you get to play almost all of them throughout your vacation.” A very popular one is called “the warrior” game. This is to see how many times you can get killed in battle, or die violently, while helping other vacationers do the same. It’s so funny, and the funniest thing about this one is, that everyone takes it so seriously; most get to play this about 200 times.

You’ll kill yourself laughing at this one; it is the “Merchant game”. This is to see how many times you can get rich, and loose it all in one lifetime; very interesting and entertaining.

What about this one; it is called the “Workers” game. The idea is to do the same thing every day for eight hours a day for about fifty years. You are given just enough money to feed your family and get drunk occasionally; or if your gender is female, you get to see how many times you can clean your house, and cook meals before you wear your body out. I haven’t quite figured this one out yet, but I think it is to assist other vacationers back into the game that they call “Birth”.

But this one you’ll love; it’s called the “learning” game; which is to see how many systems and concepts called philosophies in finding yourself that you can collect in one game. Once you get good at this one, it stretches out into what is called “The Teachers” or “Guru” game, where you think you are enlightened, and help other vacationers to play the “Learning” game.

But the most popular of all, and here is the good news, you get to play this one, along with each of the other games it’s called the “victim-suffering” game. This will knock you over with laughter; you get to see how many situations you can turn into disasters; how many times you can die from disease; how many times you can cause, what they call “feelings of unhappiness”. Apparently, you have to train your mind to make things wrong and judge them as bad. I could never get the hang of it myself; apparently they send you to a special school to learn it properly. Prior to that, you get an initial training in it from other vacationers who are playing the “Parent” game. With practice you will soon get it though”. Crobe; “this sounds great; sign me up”.

I really love that little story because it is so true and so humorous; we need to lighten up and not take everything so seriously.
This little story was discovered by myself in a book about 15 years ago; (I cannot remember the name of the book) and in that book the author could not remember where he got it from; so I cannot acknowledge the original author of this story; sorry about that; but it is a great story I think.

Just thought I would lighten it up a bit today: hope you are all having a great day and joyous and happy life; any comments are most welcome; LOL Murray

Illness is a learned Behavior (A Souls Journey)

The Parenting game 2
I realize I am throwing the cat among the pigeons with this statement; when I first heard about it, I thought (“what a lot of hogwash”).
You really need to have an open mind about what I am about to tell you; otherwise you may miss out on some valuable information.

Throughout many years of running a Natural Therapy Clinic and years of research I have come to realize that this statement is so true; we really do create illness for attention at least 80% of the time.

Let me ask you a question: When a baby wants attention what do they do? Cry right; they soon learn to get attention that way. Now when I was growing up one of two things happened; at first I got the attention I was wanting; but after a while my parents woke up to my antics; they would let me cry till I gave up or went to sleep.
Once that method stopped working I soon learned that when I got sick; WOW what attention I got then; I developed POLIO when I was 3 years old for attention. Now; no 3-year-old goes out and says to itself that they are going to create polio for attention; right? WRONG!

Subconsciously I attracted the disease for attention because it was going around then and I was susceptible to attracting it because my needs were not being met; of course I did not know then what polio was.
All human beings have a basic need from DAY ONE to be loved unconditionally, liked and appreciated, above all things; and they will go to great lengths to meet this goal. A very young child has not got to a reasoning state yet, so they do the next best thing they know what gets them attention; and plenty of it; GET SICK!!! Whenever my kids got sick I would say to them “you want some love and attention do you” and give them a big hug and spend some quality time; (“undivided attention time with them”); and in most cases I did not have to give them any natural medication.

Following on; let me make this statement; “there is always an upside to an illness!!!” Sometimes I would asked my patients “what is the advantage of this illness or ailment you have?” They would always protest; “no advantage”!!! Then I would ask them a question “what don’t you have to do as a result of this illness or ailment”; when getting them to look at what they had created they would agree with me and come to a positive conclusion about their ailment. Of course there were people in total denial; but most people who could see what was happening; would always heal very quickly. Of course I had to use discretion as to who I posed that question to; but in most cases it was life changing for the ones who had a realization.

My Advantage: my polio left me with one leg shorter than the other; I had massage 3 times a week from the time I was 8 years old till I was 12 years old; (4 years). The masseuse taught me to tell the time, gave me his fishing rod and taught me beach fishing; and became like a father to me; as my relationship with my own father was pretty strained at that time. What a great deal!!! Both my legs are the same now and it got me over a rough time in my life growing up with an absent father.

Another example of a created ailment: One day a woman came to me with a tennis elbow; I had treated many of these ailments and new exactly how to fix it straight away by adjusting her neck; 3rd cervical. But I also knew she created this problem and she needed to realize how she had done it for my treatment to last; or she would be back in a couple of days with the same problem. So I asked her a question “are you right-handed?” (injured arm) “she said yes”. I said; “what advantage is it to you not being able to use your right arm?”. She smiled at me and said; “she had divorce papers that had sat on her table for 4 weeks now and she had not got around to signing them”. We chatted about her creation and she realized that her procrastination had brought on the tennis elbow; I adjusted her neck and it was instantly fixed and she did not need to see me again. I knew if I had not have made her realize she created her situation she would not have healed permanently.

The body is designed to heal itself; “given the right environment”; you cut yourself and provided the wound is kept clean it will heal itself. If the wound get dirt in it; it will get infected; not rocket science. If you eat garbage food; toxic food like take-a-ways; fast food filled with additives; don’t expect to stay healthy. It is amazing what the body is capable of when it comes to what we poke down our necks; but constant subjection to abuse and the body will say enough is enough and you develop a disease. I always say to people; “you put water were the petrol is supposed to go in your car” and see how far you get; same as your body; you cannot keep feeding it rubbish and expect it to work properly. The same applies to your mental state and stress levels and the mind; they interfere with the normal function of your body; and can change hormonal levels and create problems that are reversible but not with normal medical medication.

Think about this: your body consists of about 80% water; the rest is minerals; same as in the earth outside!!! Different formula of minerals, but same minerals; ion, calcium, and the list goes on; you get the picture.
Getting down to physics; water is H2o; 2 part hydrogen; one part oxygen; the combination is vibrating at a certain frequency to make the substance water as we know it. Now this is MATTER; which cannot be destroyed; it can be changed or transformed; but can not be destroyed; SCIENTIFIC FACT.

EXAMPLE: Take water as we know it;“through a bucket of water over someone and all that happens is they get wet”; right? Now by either adding an element to water or taking one away we can change the characteristic and make that matter quite different. Freezing water changes the total characteristic of that substance that could kill someone by throwing a block of ice at their head. Likewise if we add heat to the same water it is evaporated into the atmosphere; the statement I made is “MATTER CAN NOT BE DESTROYED” it can be changed by adding an element or taking one away; but can NOT be destroyed. water being the most important element in our bodies; we can only survive about 3 days without water; but we can live 3-4 weeks without food.

The reason why I have gone to great lengths to explain this is; to make you aware that our entire body is a vibrating mass of frequencies that form the physical body. A holistic approach to disease; body mind and spirit; has to be taken into account when treating disease; and an understanding of just how everything is put together. Genetics is just coded memory; I have seen it changed; that has been my experience; I do not expect you to accept this unless you have a really open mind; and explore the possibilities yourself; you will not find the answer in any science books!!! I do accept that genetics can plays a role in many diseases; however these diseases have been known to have improved or cured in some occasions with “energy medicine”.
Now the body being a vibrating mass of combined energy; organs vibrate at different frequencies to form different substances and each organs vibrates at its own frequency: when we have a heart problem the frequency of that organ is effected; treat the frequency and the heart recovers. What is going to influence the well-being of the human body?? You go it; the mind puts out powerful frequencies; the food we eat puts out frequencies; and both or any one of these items can cause a problem with the overall harmony that the body requires for healing. So attention must be taken to find the problem that is causing the illness; and in about 80% of illnesses is caused by the mind and mental anguish of some description; masked in physical ailments or psychological illness of some sort or another.
Treating these ailments takes a great deal of insight into the nature of human beings and the knowledge of quantum physics; and how everything fits in this universe. The human spirit is one of the most important aspects to healing; and that can only be taken care of once the cause has been established.
I know in many cases where there is proof that a certain hormone is causing a psychosis; or menopausal problem; etc. but if it occurs in one person then why does it not occur in everyone; men and women are all wired the same way physically; our bodies are all the same from day one, unless we are born with a deformity. Now science will put it down to genetics; or hormones; I say rubbish; I have seen people with hormonal problems in a number of ailments heal after treating them from all aspects of natural healing; body, mind and spirit. My first cancer patient I ever helped was given 6 months to live with stomach and lymphatic cancer; 6 month after she first saw me they could not detect a thing wrong with her. She was 62 years old; 14 years later she was still going strong. Now do not like to take credit for her well-being; but I will say she followed my advice down to every detail; and I reinforced to her that she was the one who was healing herself; I was just guiding her through a rough patch in her life and she was the one sticking to the diet and following my advice; she was in charge of her own health. (There was some “energy medicine” being applied as well)

I started off by stating we create our own illness for attention which is a learned behavior; I can give you many examples of this in my own life; however I will save that for another blog.
There is a lot more to this article that can be said but I am trying to cut it to a readable amount to stimulate your interest or challenge what I am saying. My blog is about “The Hidden Course of Illness” and I firmly believe we create our own illness 80% of the time; either consciously or unconsciously.
My next blog will be about ENERGY MEDICINE; that phrase seems to have caught on in the past few years and is accepted as a valid therapy; but when I was practicing it in 1982-93; it worked so successfully that I stopped using it publicly; it was not credible at the time with the limited knowledge people had of any Natural Therapy; but it worked very well and produced miracle results sometimes. In those days I had to keep reasonably close to the norm as possible when treating people; and slip in treatments without the patient know what I was doing; otherwise I would not have had a business.
Energy medicine deals with quantum physics (intelligent sub-atomic particles) and how we are a mass of vibrating matter that can be altered to overcome disease both physically and emotionally.
I hope I have evoked some thinking among you if you have never considered what I have written and certainly urge you to challenge what I have said if you want to; and I will respond if you wish. Hope you all are having a joyful and happy life and I look forward to publishing my next post; LOL Murray

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“Numerology is the science of numbers.”

I would like to give you a quick introduction to the science of numbers which has been around for over 11,000 years. It goes back to Pythagoras times and beyond; mathematical equations  were used by the Egyptians when building the pyramids. The most intelligent minds in history have used mathematics to explain how everything exists in the physical universe. There is evidence all through history that all matter comes down to a mathematical equation. Predicting with numbers is a very sophisticated science; i first became interested in the subject in my early twenties; about 50 years ago. I met a person who told me all about myself with just knowing my birth date; i was fascinated and was hooked on wanting to know how this numerology worked. I figured that if i could learn more about it, it would help me understand myself better and help me in the future. Since that first time i have observed over 5 x 9 years cycles; and can now look back over 70 years of my life and see exactly where every major change occurred in my life; my divorces (2) and the professions i pursued; all shown in my chart.

Now i know there are many people who think numerology and astrology is a lot of hog wash; but i have found that those people either do not understand the science behind it or have any knowledge or experience of it or their spiritual belief system condemns it through fear of the unknown. You would be surprised nearly every person on this planet is living through their 9 year life cycles as they are supposed to; not even realizing what is happening. Numerology works on a 9 year cycle on a personal level; and also a 9 year cycle on a Universal level. Once you understand the cycle you are in then you can work with that energy of that particular cycle. Just one example; a 7 year cycle is a spiritual year; one to spend time with introspection; not going out and starting a new business. Simple stuff; i do not live my life based on what someone told me; but i do understand the cycle i am in and work with that energy; why swim against the tide when you can swim with it; it isn’t rocket science!!!

Numerology is based on “your name and birth date”; and the universe we live in. I am just touching on a simple explanation of the birth date; the name letters also have numbers; and when you put it all in a chart it comes together with some very interesting results. The birth date is more about events in your life; and the path you chose to take when you came into this world. Where the names are more about your soul urge; what you are expressing inwardly and what you are expressing outwardly; your talents; and the combined energy of all the name numbers; as you live through them each year they can change; it is a great tool for prediction.

Numerology works on a 9 year cycle; we reduce numbers to under 10; with the exception of 11+22 which are master numbers and are not reduced.

Example: The number 15: 1+5= (6) e.g. 142: 1+4+2=(7) everything is reduced to under 10; hence the 9 year cycles.

How we arrive at our personal year cycle: You take your birth day and month + the year in question: Example: 24/6/1987: add the total numbers up and reduce it to under 10. 24+6+1987: day (2+4=6) + month 6 + year (1+9+8+7)=25=(2+5=7): now we have 6 day + 6 month+7 year =19: 1+9=10: 1+0=1; so you are in a (1) year cycle. It looks complicated but once you get used to it, it is quick and easy; i do it in my head in a mater of seconds. Maths was my best subject in school; i can remember people’s birthdays before i remember their names; even years later.

Personal year Cycles
(1) Year cycle; New beginnings; new experiences; best time to start new projects; sometimes big changes; moving to new place; time to go for it as the energy is not blocking you; very hectic time for most.
(2) Year cycle; a settling down time after the hectic one year cycle; a time of friendships; slower pace and generally a nice period.
(3) Year cycle; this is a very busy time; a time of people meeting people; socializing; it is a travel period; if you do not travel then you will have people from overseas travel to you; you will certainly find yourself out and about a lot.
(4) Year cycle: this time is generally a work year; not a great deal happening on the immediate action front except head down and working on what you have created during your first 3 years. It is also a time of some disappointments; plans do not always work out to what you expected; but usually happen to your greater benefit; although you may not recognize it at the time.
(5) Year cycle; this is a time of much activity; it is the pivotal point in the whole life cycles; it generally signals change; either at work or a move in residence. Opportunities come to you; you do not have to seek them; it is a great time for advancement in work or business opportunities; it should be an exciting year. Be careful of not being too adventurous with your personal life; five also represents freedom; so just be careful; especially if you were born on a 5 day; or have a 5 life path as the energy will be doubly strong in the freedom department; can cause a lot of inner restlessness for the period you are going through.
(6) Year cycle; this is the best time to settle down and buy real estate; get married at this time; or at least you will be wanting to settle down during this time; especially if your life path number is a six; or you are in a six essence year; there will be strong energy to settle down. Six also represents flowers, gardening; interior decorating.
(7) Year cycle; this is a spiritual year; not a material year as such; just accept what comes your way in this year and do not push too hard for material gain. It is a time of inner reflection; you will become interested in esoterical subjects or pondering your life’s purpose; whichever it is it is not a good time to start a new business; there can be losses in a seven-year; great time to take up yoga and learn to meditate.
(8) Year cycle; this is a time of reaping the fruits of your labor from the past 7 years; if you have sown the right seeds then this is harvest time from the seeds you have sown. If you have worked hard and sown good seeds this is when your rewards will come; however it also is a leveling off time. If you owe debts it is time for them to be paid and likewise if people owe you money then you should get that money back. It is not necessary a money year in the sense that you are going to make a lot of money in this year; that could happen if you deserve it and have worked towards this time. However it could also mean a time where money is short if you did not plan well; either way is will be a very busy time.
(9) year cycle; this is the end of the whole 9 year cycle period; it is a time of tying up loose ends; clearing out all that is not needed any more; material as well as emotionally and relationships. This is a time of great tests where relationships are concerned; if the relationships in your life are not working as well as they should; then this is the time when they will be tested. If they survive your 9 year cycle then they will be in your life for another 9 years; most do not survive. The universe is clearing out all the unwanted energy getting ready for the new beginning of the 1 year cycle that will start again once the 9 year cycle has run its course. My personal 9 year cycles have all been dramatic and life changing for the better; although at the time I may not have thought so; as so much goes on during these testing time; mainly on the emotional level rather that material; but with me it has been loss on both levels on a number of occasions. I have observed and worked through 5; nine-year cycles and have had the advantage of doing the research on my own chart and compared the experiences with the cycles and it never ceases to amaze me just how accurate this system is.
(11) Year cycle; this is a Master number; this cycle belongs to the inner prospective; it is a personal cycle in the literal sense; it involves everything inside of one’s self.; e.g Inner vision; reflection on higher goals, spiritual attainment ; focusing on humanitarian work; if it is money focused then you will fail. This does not mean that you cannot make money during this transit; but your main focus is helping people not what you can get out of it. There is a good chance of you becoming famous during these transits if your focus is on humanitarian grounds, specialize in doing one thing and stick to it.
(22) Year cycle; Another Master number; both the 22 & 11 year cycles are not common prior to 2000; however I have just done a chart on my daughter and she has 11 year cycles in here chart; where I had none. So 22 is very similar to 11 except that 22 has a more international and global energy than 11 has. They are both very similar; the 11 with the inner focus; and the 22 with the worldly focus; outside of one’s self; charity work, helping people, fund-raising for good causes. If you are not currently in a position to do these things in this transit then just be aware that it is an energy that is not conducive to making money for yourself or personal gain on all levels. However you will benefit from this transit if you do engage in selfless work.

Universal year:
One more thing; the Universal year cycles; this encompasses the whole world; as the Universe has the same 9 year cycles and 11 & 22 cycles as the personal year; however it is on a Universal level; so we just add the year number and reduce it under 10 and it gives us the Universal number;
e.g. 1987; 1+9+8+7= 25 2+5=7. 1987 is a Universal 7 year which would influence the whole world with that energy of introspection; a time of reflection for countries to rethink the course and strategies in their world. A year of spiritual enlightenment and loss in some cases; drug and alcohol will be also prominent for social reform. Interest in occult and spirituality will be highlighted in some countries and people will be more aware of the collective energy that is most powerful at these times.
One interesting thing about numbers; the number 9 in particular is that when multiplied or subtracted and reduced fewer than 10; it will always come back to 9 or the number you multiplied it by. Example: 6 x 9 = 54: 5+4 = 9 e.g. 9 x 9 = 81; 8+1=9: e.g. 9 x 3 = 27: 2+7 = 9

Well that is just the tip of the ice burg of explanations; there is much more; and i will expand more in my next blog on the subject. Any questions or queries are most welcome; hope you are having a lovely day; and living a life full of joy and happiness; LOL Murray